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Liz K.

I just made my first BSJ this week just for the hell of it and am in love with this pattern and wish I knit it when I had babies.

I had a girl first, and when I saw a boy's little parts on the ultrasound with kid #2, I was petrified. I get girls. I'm a girl. I had a all the clothes. I was afraid of the boy-activity. Afraid of the boy-physicality. Afraid! I wanted to say "the girls." I also felt that karmically, my husband-with-brothers only deserved to live in a house full of women.

Of course you know how this story will end. I adore my son with every fiber of my being. You will never imagine your life without whoever you end up with. You will know you were meant to mother this child and your family was meant to look like this. It's just how it works out.


I've actually made the Anouk, except I just did it in plain red for my niece's Christmas dress this year! Pictured on Flickr (http://farm1.static.flickr.com/149/358270302_a866d4c67b_o.jpg)

I can totally relate to your sentiments. Now that I have a boy I imagine myself as the mom of "the boys" and perfectly happy with it. Except I need to at least get a few more nieces if I don't have a daughter because there are so many adorable little things to knit little girls. My top three are all from Erika Knight's Knitting for Two: classic yoked cardigan (Nicki made one-pictured on Flickr), lacy bonnet, and dainty bootees.


Love the color choices for the BSJ. Someday I've got to put one on the needles.

Just to be mean, my sister will say, "You'll probably have girl triplets next." Immediately, I get that sick taste in my mouth and want to slap her. I wouldn't know what to do. How do you change a diaper fast without the fear of getting pee sprayed in your eye?


I don't think my link worked. Sorry! Check out my knitting set. It's towards the bottom -- the only red dress in the bunch.


maybe twins?!!


Well, I can speak with authority from the other side of the coin. Having three daughters is as blissful and wonderful as I imagined it would be. (You know that knitty knit that you mentioned above? Guess what? My youngest is named after it. Really.) Anyhoo, I wish every month for a late moon. I would love to have a son.


OMG--that last pottern barn catalog, where the boys got to draw and play with tools, while the girls got to put on aprons and play with kafe kitchens? I was INCENSED. I wrote pottery barn a letter and told them not to expct any business from me anymore.

(Which, totally idle threat, since I pretty much never bought anything over $25 from them anyway, but man, if I had $2500 for a sofa I would TOTALLY not give it to those heteronormative gender fascists.)

Miss Scarlett

The matinee coat is so dear! I feel your fear of the adolescent girl - but think of the other side of adolescence, when you would be mother to a woman. How incredible would that be? Of course being mother to a man must also be incredible. (I only have a dog right now...)
Either or - your littlest Frick will have some lovely handknits.
And if you think the cs's of Deadwood are something...don't start with the Soprano's.


Hah, I could have written this (minus your lovely grammar and writing, of course) 2.5 years ago. My son was just over 2 and I was pregnant with, unbeknownst to me, our little girl. I had always adored the idea of two boys. Two boys knockin' heads. Two boys falling just shy of killing each other. You know. Anyway, at the 20-week ultrasound we were dying to know and found out it was a girl. I was so shocked. My husband is one of three boys. My husband's father is one of five boys. I was going to have another boy! no. Anyway, la la la la, I'm so happy to have a girl. I was shocked over the ultrasound for about 2 weeks and then started to get seriously very happy about having both sexes in our family and not being the only 'girl'. I know, I know, I'm not looking forward to when she's 10-20, but right now is a pretty tough time with our son so....I just try to enjoy them as much as is possible.

The Feminist Mafia

As if I could adore you more. You speak my mind, and more eloquently I might add. And Ashley too. I'm delighted to have you two around. Seriously. Are we the same person at different points on the Kinsey scale?


I felt the same way all through my pregnancy. I was convinced I was having a boy, mostly I think because I was terrified of having a girl. So of course, I had a girl. :-) And it's wonderful. AND baby girl knitting is so much better than baby boy knitting, even beyond Anouk. There are mothers and daughters that are really close - just plan on being like that and don't think about the other alternative!!!


Before I was a mother, I always thought of myself as having girls. Now that I am a mother of 2 boys, I totally identify with your sentiments here. The only thing more horrifying than the thought of a teenage daughter is the realization that girls seem to become "teenage" earlier all the time.

I cannot wait to get all the details on your BSJ's. I have been itching to knit these (cousins and friends with babies on the way, not me!) but have had a hard time figuring out how much of the various weights of yarn I will need.

And just to make this THE longest comment EVER, I have to add that I cannot wait for the opportunity to use Ashley's "heteronormative gender fascists" in conversation.


Can't wait to see a photo of those Baby Surprise Jackets in all their glory. That little glimpse you've shown us looks juicy!

As the mother of not one, but two thirteen year old daughters, I can tell you it's not so bad. It is pretty amazing to see what smart, strong, self-assured young women they can become. I'm sure if you have a girl, yours will be no different.

Oh, and that sweet little sweater from a few years back certainly deserves its moment in the sun!


I have boy-girl-boy, and I laughed at your idea of getting hives at the sound of "my adolescent daughter". I love my daughter soooo much, but boy does she give me fits sometimes! My older son - 16 years old and with a driver's license - I worry very little about. But with DD, the idea of her driving a car, little Miss "I live on another planet", makes me swear that her father will teach her how to drive. I don't think I can stand the idea. That said, she is a joy, and as strong as I'd ever want her to be. So if you do have a daughter, the best thing you can do is teach her to be strong and be confident.


now that you've said the words out loud and put them out there into the world, you will have a girl! a wonderful girl - and she will sail through those teen years with a minimum of angst!

love the knits - maybe I should rethink ....


So funny. We don't know what we are having either but I just found about three things I knit years ago for a baby girl which had been stashed away in a closet all this time.

Can't wait to see the BSJ. I love EZ knits but especially the baby ones. They are just so classic.

Hope you are feeling well :-)


The thought of having a girl once terrified me, now I want one (sounds like I am talking about a puppy...). I have this idealized thought of what it would be like to have a girl...that and the idea of two (or more) boys rough-housing and smashing the breakables makes my teeth clench. But see, now I am stereotyping boys...


My sister and I made a deal: if one of our daughters was sending us over the edge, she's to be told "go call your aunt, right now." And we have to take the call. We haven't had try the scheme yet, but the teenage years are looming...


OOOOH! Do I spy a couple of Baby Surprise Jackets? Those will look perfect with the matching booties!!! Makes me want to wiggle in my seat for some reason - too much cute for one morning :)


I had 2 boys first, then 2 girls. I was dreading my first daughter, as I too was horrible in my teenage years. She has'nt reached teens yet, but she is definitely her own woman!!! She is much more complex than the boys, but I would'nt swap her for the world.


Anouk IS a good reason to have a girl. For the longest time I only wanted a girl. Had two dreams around Week 5 that I was having a girl, so I figured it was in the bag. Then a month ago I had a very clear dream that we were having a boy and he was the cutest thing ever! I totally fell in love with him and in my dream I remember thinking it was ok if we have a boy. Now I want both!!! Of course, not at the same time. We'll find out on May 1!


It's funny, I can't imagine being the mom of boys. Girls, I can give the attitude right back. Boys...hmm..

New little knits are just lovely!


Those knits are so sweet and lovely!

It's good to be aware of your concerns, but I'm sure you'll find reasons to worry about -- and enjoy -- your kids no matter what their genders. Have fun!


blog serendipity... i was just drafting a post about not being afraid to say the "f-word" (this was the slogan on my undergrad feminist organization t-shirt!). for me the fear of having an adolescent daughter is the mama-hatred + all the body issues and self-esteem issues that it is so hard to shelter kids from. how i wish i could raise kids who won't have the struggles with these things that i had! in that way boys definitely have it good.
and that little outfit! the booties! so much cuteness in one post. :)


I had a son first, then a daughter. I really thought that I would want another boy, but my daugther is 5 now, and I just love all the girly stuff and tomboy stuff that she does too. I am sure if you have a daughter that you will feel the same. I do remember the awful teenage years too, but boys do go through things too, which can be quite awful at the time, but I guess every child is different. I love the booties too, just gorgeous.

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