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Sounds like another great weekend at the farm! Kind of weird how your stuff can get misused though. You know, I can't help think I have tons of googly eyes in my craft stash! Why wait for a face to come along to apply them?


It's so interesting to see how people get to blogs. I have to wonder if the post you took down is one that actually made me start reading your blog :) Different strokes for different folks.

So Much Fun

I love the googly eye story, that is great and its true, you can improve almost anything with them and get a good laugh!


What a crack up - putting googly eyes on a toilet roll. How hilarious when you do feel as though someone is staring at you, and that is it. I am sorry that someone used your photo without permission too. How awful and people should ask, even if they are being complimentary. The farm weekend sounds as though it went well for you too, nice to sit back and get some fresh air.


So, what did you do about your photos on other sites? That's happened to me as well a few times now, and although it was totally meant as complimentary in all cases, I still felt very irritated by it. In the end, I just let it go; I took a stab at composing emails that requested that the people in question remove the pictures, but couldn't find the right tone for them. (Plus I suck at confrontation generally.) I need to put something in my sidebar that tells people not to do it, I guess, but really, do people have to be told at this point?

pamela wynne

Aw, what a wonderful post to read! Made me think of my best girlfriend, who also brings that kind of whimsy into people's lives. Yay for Jane, and yay for girls weekend. Sounds like a great time. :)

Miss T

700 plants? How truly fabulous. Love it.


The two funniest referring Google searches I've gotten are "pathological hording"(enough said) and "big thigh ice skating" (during the Olympics). I also get a ton of hits from Japan and Turkey (?) because of one random Sanrio character pic I posted on one of my very first entries.

So glad you had a great time at the farm. I am now never able to sleep past 7, it's just not possible any more.

And I love your comment to me about baby knitting requiring much less commitment, so true!;)


Ew, I hate having to deal with that kind of bloggy stuff. I hope it was resolved (the picture thingy) without too much stress for you!

That leafy green picture looks YUMMY.

And also, you are such a good writer, lady. Even when you're talking about yucky bloggy things, you're FUNNY. :)


Hooray for farm days! I work at a wholesale nursery, and I am forever enchanted by little green heads peeping out of their cell trays... Hey! It's time to start my tomatoes! Thanks for the reminder :)


When B and I were courting, I filled his Valentine's Day card with spangly red hearts. They got everywhere, were impossible to clean up ... and are still turning up now and then, 17 years later.

I can't wait to plant our garden this year. This will be the first summer we won't be travelling during prime harvesting months, and I have a hankering for some fresh basil.


Why have you been living the farmer girl's life I yearn for?? I want chickens. And spinach plants. See ya, internets... I'm off to the commune for some true peace and quiet!!


This post was too funny! I'm going to have to do that googly eye thing.

BTW - Can I ask you how you do the stat thing and see how people find you through google?


Hmm, you mananged to get 700 plants in the ground and I can't even get to a pack of seeds for basil. Also, I think everyone needs a Jane in their lives.

frecklegirl jess

All those green growing things are doing wonders for my freezing new england heart right now. :)


i love the googly eye thingy. i may bring a bag with me when i go on vacation in june with my nieces and nephews. they'll get a kick out of it. (i am supposed to be the fun aunt after all).

brenda in toronto

we all need more janes in our lives!


jane sounds amazing. what a beautiful idea with the envelopes and the warm wishes.
and your farm days... blissful... i love seeing all of those plants! i heart swiss chard.


Hey! Hey! Hey! My mom is Jane and lives on Cape Cod. OK, clearly not the same Jane on Cape Cod but you stopped me with that intro!

Tomato plants look great! This is my favorite time of year: tomato garden planning!


My aunt would do stuff like that--a few years ago we were visiting her and she said she wanted to take our picture. She grabbed a camera, said smile and when she pushed the button lots of plastic discs came flying out of the camera at us! My kids were enchanted and realized how special this older woman was...they'll never forget it! Friends like your friend Jane are magical and truly a treasure!


I just told my D#1 about the googly eyes on toilet paper thing. Her college suite is looking to revenge prank the upstairs boys' suite!

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