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Two hearts indeed. I'm so glad that you and your loved ones are okay.


Welcome, Boden. April 16 is a great birthday. You sure do make carrying on seem possible and necessary.

pamela wynne

Thanks for the *adorable* photo, and the lovely, thoughtful post. Take care.

The Feminist Mafia

Oh, what a wonderful little baby face wee mr. boden has!



Ah, J--I'm so grateful for your sake that your lovely new nephew's birth wasn't marred by family tragedy. Nothing's safe--but Boden is beautiful. And that helps a little.


Today is my daughter's 12th birthday, so I am happy to hear that your little one came today.

My husband was a grad student at Tech and has a lot of friends there as well. He is worried and preoccupied with the sadness of it all.

Your post is touching, you are such a great writer...


Aw cute. She'll have to dress him in Mini Boden clothes.

Very thoughtful post. There's not a parent who was touched today, connection to VaTech or not. As I walked into my son's preschool to pick him up, I was shuddering at the unlocked, unguarded doors that I had previously never worried about before. It's a terribly unsafe world.


Beautifully written. It's really nice to have some good news today. He's beautiful!

Christy / Not Hip

Congratulations on your nephew's safe birth. I'm glad that all your family is okay.
There are many of us feeling very mortal and sad and angry today. I'm glad that you have some happiness mixed in also.


I've been reading your blog for a little while (actually since I saw your entry about your grandfather being a student at VPI!) I'm a student at Tech and I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning Tech on your blog. The Hokies are working through everything here in Blacksburg. We're tough turkeys! I saw on a website that tomorrow is going to be called "For Today, We Are All Hokies" at universities around the country. Thanks again for your post. Hokie-Hi!


Thanks for posting of the joy and pain of this messed-up, beautiful world.


Oh, he is so adorable! Welcome, Boden!

I'm so glad your family is safe. What's happened is so awful - it's been on my mind all day.

Miss Scarlett

What a relief to hear that your family is safe! I have been thinking of the families of the victims and my heart is heavy tonight too.
Boden is so beautiful. That is such an awesome thing when a brand new baby carries a strong resemblance to another loved one. Congratulations to your sister - she has a gorgeous son.


Welcome little one.

(Beautiful post J.)


So true....where are we safe?
Congratulations, auntie!
Boden is beautiful!


congratulations! what a cutie. and i'm relieved for your family. what a horror.


So glad your cousin is safe. And what a beautiful nephew you have, silly face and all.


Gorgeous! Congratulations Aunt J! You know how much I LOVE being an aunt - I hope it's the same for you.

I'm so glad your cousin is safe. People come into this world and people leave this world and we can only do the best we can while we're here. Hopefully LOVE is part of our best.

Liz K.

As a Virginian at heart, I grieve with everyone about the Tech Tragedy. I am just in shock.

But my deepest congratulations for the birth of your darling nephew Boden! So cute.


Boden is the cutest baby ever.

Glad to know your cousin is safe.


Boden is beautiful. It was great to hear of something wonderful that happened yesterday. In times of tragedy when the world feels so full of evil and sadness, it's good to slow down and recognize that there is still some new good coming into the world. My heart goes out to everyone touched by the tragedy at VA Tech. Much love to all.


Two hearts indeed. Welcome Boden (I love that photo!) and so glad to hear your cousin is safe.


What a handsome young man! We're holding each and every one of ours a little closer today.


What a wonderful face!


I was just reading the post about your grandfather that you linked to--and saw that your anniversary is June 16th. My husband's and my 5th anniversary was also on June 16, 2006! Small world! So glad to hear your family is all ok. This incident at V. Tech is such a horrible and shocking reminder that we are not safe and makes me wonder what can be done to keep our loved ones safe in the places we expect them to be protected. But in the midst of all that, what a wonderful reminder that life is precious--a new baby. Good luck to you all!

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