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Happy trails....


Don't forget Habu - around the corner from School Products. When do you get in? Belly looks super cute!


Have a great weekend and I love the colour of your shrug. It looks fantastic.

pamela wynne

it's beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

Liz K.

Two adults. No kids. Cherish it!

Passions & Distractions

I love the color!!!! Have a great weekend!


Adorable, tiny bump... and shrug (of course). :)


The shrug looks great!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

kelli ann

so pretty. enjoy your 'shift in time' with mr. frick. xoxo


OMG! You hardly look pregnant! Love the shrug! I was thinking of making that one or another one from Lace Style with this awesome ggh mystic I just bought. Yours is a beautiful color. Have a great weekend!


Mmmhm. I was eyeing the shrug as a project I could certainly knit for myself quickly in between all these other knits. Then I realized my sister's shower is on Saturday. Which is really all to say, it's a great shrug and good job on being ahead of the game.

Have a great time in NY and at the wedding and as a couple. It sounds lovely.


The shrug looks great! I am sure it will be a right and proper accent to the sole maternity party dress in your wardrobe. Have fun times in NYC!


Been waiting for that belly shot (sorry if that seemed creepy, didn't mean it to)! Have a blast in both stores. I LOVE School Products. Load up on Yak & Camel!


Way to knit something you can wear with both more and less belly than you're currently sporting! That color is lovely, too.


Gorgeous shrug in a fantastic color. Have a great time this weekend!


Have fun!

As for the scavenger hunt:

- Person carrying the most fiber/yarn and still walking.

- Person wearing the most knitted items.

- Youngest knitter?


Cara mentioned above...definitely hit Habu if you have time. The lace shrug is beautiful!


I love the lace shrug, what a fantastic knit and the color looks great. Have fun at the wedding. I love seeing everyone's photos from the show, and I must say that there always seems to be so many bloggers there too, so I cant wait to see what your friend's photos will capture.


Super cute shrug-y!


What a cute little shrug! Is the little Fricklet finally pushing out your belly?


Cheers to couple time!

And I am also one for the many many lists when leaving the kiddos, which my MIL then balls up and tosses. But I think that gook = milk seems like information you'd want to have.

Anyway, cute shrug and beautiful belly!


Cute shrug! Have fun!


Have a wonderful time! But how could you not in that adorable shrug?


have a wonderful time in your gorgeous new shrug! very flattering and lovely color.
p.s. hoping you got the package... ? feeling worried as my mail's been odd lately.


shrug looks great! i'm sure it will make your sole maternity dress look extra lovely. have fun this weekend. i am jealous. i would love to see the boys (please hug walter for me) and to go to the lovely knit shops (and to have a little couple time), but i don't envy you the list making. i can totally relate as i myself am a huge list maker when it comes to travel prep. anyway, know i will be living vicariously through you so blog thoroughly when you return. thanks!
p.s. your little tiny belly is looking lovely too!

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