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Hmm, I can't imagine how I could possibly get this question right, but I'll take a stab at it anyway, since your stash sounds mighty tasty to me. I'm going to say Mr. E would like some hand-knit pants, and Mr. C looks like he might have needed a smooch, at least in the eyes of a possibly deranged stranger. Or heck, maybe even in my eyes--he's kind of a hottie.

Totally afraid to know more about Ravelry as I don't even have time to Flickr...

miss ewe

Some fine looking gentlemen, indeed.
This is so random... How about:
Mr. B learned to knit.
Mr. W got the kiss.

The Feminist Mafia

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! I'm so glad you're here.

Mr. T (sans gold chains) got the kiss. He looks friendly enough to attract the attention of a lunatic.

Mr. W wants to learn to knit the cargos.

How'd I do?

They're all so cute and happy together. I hope Little Man has such friends when he's a Big Man. Awwww [pinches cheeks of Frick's boys]


Mr. T learned to knit.
Mr. E got the kiss.


Happy Blogiversary!! Mr. E got the kiss and I think Mr. W asked you to teach him how to knit.

Do they happen to know Mr. White, Mr. Orange or Mr. Blond?


I think...

Mr. T got the kiss, and Mr. E wanted to knit.

Delurking for the contest, and to add my rave review for "the" burger, having enjoyed one myself last summer.


Happy Blogiversary. My guess is it was Mr. C who got the kiss and Mr. W who wanted to learn to knit.

LeighB in ATL

Oh the colors and cuties (cupcakes, guys, booties, take your pick)! Those indigo booties really caught my eye.

Now, on to my choices... I think Mr. W wanted to learn to knit, and Mr. B was accosted by the scary man. Although I have to agree with Jen, Mr. C is pretty foxy. They are, in fact, a handsome bunch.


Mr. B wanted cargo pants & Mr. W was kissed.

Random New York! I'm a small town girl.
I'm glad you're a blogger - I love your pictures especially & fabulous story telling!


I say B and T, respectively!


Mr.T = knit

Mr.C = kiss

The placket pullover is so cool. I knit one in about 5 hours on Sunday -- it will look great in that Kersti! :) Lucky Fricklet!


Mr. T is my guess for the knitter, such great taste in t-shirts must carry over to pants.

And I'll guess that Mr. E was the recipient of the kiss.

Happy Blogiversary!! I've enjoyed the little peek into your life. Happiness and wonder for the coming year!


I believe that Mr. E would look quite nice in some knitted pants, and that Mr. T got some love in the park...

And I am quite glad your blog is here for my entertainment!


hmm...mr. b learned to knit and mr. w got the kiss?

happy blogiversary!


I think Mr. W wanted to knit and Mr. C was kissed.


oh man! i love hanging out with boys in minivans...some things you just never get tired of...*sigh* and they're all so cute.

ok. i'm going to guess that mr. E wants to wear knitted pants. no wonder a lunatic may have wanted to kiss him because he would have recognized a kindred spirit -- because knitted big boy pants are lunacy.

and mr. T got smooched because he's all smiley. and he probably made eye contact.


I'd say Mr. C wants to knit and Mr. W got the kiss.

Happy blogiversary! I've been lurking for a while and I do really owe you a comment to say how much I enjoy your writing and your knitting :)


Happy blogiversary! Those booties at purl are so adorable.

I'll say Mr. B got the kiss and Mr T wants to knit.


Mr.W wants to learn to knit and Mr.C was kissed! I hope


Happy blogthday! My world is a better place because you blog, and I'm not even saying that sarcastically. For reals.

I do, however, think that it is HILARIOUS that you got burger-colored koigu: come on! Burger! Ketchup! Cheddar! Throw in some lettuce-green and bun-tan and you're there. What, you don't see it? See or not see; wax on wax off; be one with the burger, little grasshopper.

B wants to knit; C got smooched.

blogless Jessica

Mr. W wants to knit; Mr. B got a kiss!

Happy blogiversary!


Happy blogiversary! My guess is that Mr. T wants to knit and Mr. E got the kiss.

And I too am obsessed with the stash; as I write my computer table is overflowing with single balls of, well, everything. And even though my total yardage is ridiculous (don't even look, I say), I still bought more yarn yesterday.

Liz K.

Happy Blogiversary! I truly appreciate the writerly nature of this blog, and your photographs are always unique. You add a great voice to the knitblog world.

I'll guess W is the knitter and T is the kiss-ee.


Happy Blogiversary! :o) and welcome back! glad to see you had such a great time and those pictures of Purl are so nice! hm...let's see, #1-Mr.B
and those cupcakes?!
divine!!! :o)


Happy blogiversary! I just found your blog this year and it's so wonderful to read.

Love to Koigu. I'm working on a baby surprise jacket myself.

I think Mr. W wanted to knit and Mr. B got smooched.

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