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Siow Chin

Happy Blogniversary! And my guesses are Mr. B (knit) and Mr. C (kiss).


1. Mr. T, 2. Mr. W. Those are my guesses... Happy Blogi-V! It looks like you had a fabulous time in NY! I too have suffered shock at the realization that my stash is a veritable "store." It's really sad. I photographed my stash over the weekend and need to catalog (yay!) it all in Ravelry. It's almost embarrassing...almost.


I say Mr. W was the potential knitter, and Mr. T got the kiss.

And now I want to go down to our local cupcake shop and get a lemon drop cupcake. Good thing for my waistline that I'm too lazy to go drive down there.

Miss Scarlett

Ok - I could actually kind of see all those guys wanting to wear some hand knit cargo pants. Too cute.
But...I am going to go with Mr.T (and not just 'cause I pity the fool)annnndd I think Mr.B got a kiss 'cause he looks so not the kind of guy to be anywhere near that fellow.


okay, here we go.

#1 - the guy in the red shirt (2nd from right)

#2 - the guy in the black shirt and blazer (on the far left)


let's try that again using the names you gave us (duh)

#1 - Mr T
#2 - Mr W


Mr. W wants to learn to knit and Mr. B got the kiss. Tall blonds--does it every time.

Luscious photogs. How is teaching down (I am assuming) there? Teaching in coastal Maine has suddenly become. . . surrounded by summer, and senioritis has STRUCK! AHHH!


Mr. B asked to knit.
Mr. C got smooched.

I saw your stash on flickr and I am in awe. It is truly something I aspire to. You are a good, good woman. Happy Blogiversary!


I've been salivating over your stash pics on Flickr. So yummy.

Happy Blogiversary, I'm so glad you're here!

I'll take a stab at the contest...hmmmm, how about

1. Mr. T
2. Mr. W

Scribbles & Bits

Welcome back! The pictures from Purl are really lovely and inspiring! and Happy Blogiversary!!!! I'll give the contest a go. I'll guess that Mr. T wanted to learn how tyo knit (partly because I get an amusing visual of Mr. T in gold chains saying "I pity the fool who doesn't knit!") and Mr. W got the smooch. It's like a logic puzzle!

brenda in toronto

happy b-versary! so glad i discovered you :)



Happy blogiversary!!! I am glad that you blog, and I am lucky that I came across your blog because I really enjoy your knitting and your writing.

I'll play a long, if I may:

1) Mr.C asked you to teach him to knit (an for an adult version of your WIP)
2) Mr. E got kissed


I just read all 60+ comments and found them almost as wonderful as your post (as I know Mr. W, Mr. B, Mr. T, Mr. E, and Mr. C.) Who ever knew that Mr. W looks like such a knitter? I thought knowing them would give me some sort of advantage, but I don't think it does. I think they would all look wonderful in knit cargo pants, but my guess is Mr.T. wants to learn how to knit. I think they are all very kissable (and huggable) so I can't decide who was kissed. Maybe Mr. C? He seems to be a popular guess. Who knows. Hugs and kisses all around. Happy Mother's Day and Blogiversary!

Christine A

Happy Blogiversary. I just stumbled unpon your blog and want to tell you that your knitting and pictures are beautiful.
Happy Mother's Day.
Mr. T kissed.
Mr. W knits.


Happy blogiversary!
Mr. W - the kiss
Mr. T- knits


purl, oh purl... AND cupcakes? and burgers? and boys knitting? what a weekend you had!! i am so excited about nyc though i fear that i might just have to move into purl.

pamela wynne

HAPPY BLOGTHDAY to one of my fave bloggers! And what a fantastic weekend. Also: W wants to knit; B got kissed.


I know it's sick, but I'm so excited to see your stash.


Happy Blogiversary! This is actually my first time here, but I'm definitely coming back!

Now, to the questions.
1. Mr B. He looks like a fellow that would appreciate the joy of knitting, and also be in need of the aforementioned knitted item.

2. Mr C. Any person in their right mind (or not so right mind) would love to kiss his cheek! A real looker, he is! ;)

I'm absolutely certain that there is no way I could ever get the answers right, but it doesn't hurt to try. There are important things at stake here!

Greetings from Finland!


This is all pure conjecture, of course, but I'll say that Mr. E asked to be taught to knit, and Mr. W got the kiss.

Happy blogiversary!


Happy bloggingversary! I really enjoy reading your blog :)


Oh noooo - we can't judge books by covers! Well, I'll try anyway. I can't deny the lure of yarn . . .

Mr. T wants to knit
Mr. C got kissed

Happy Blogiversary!!


I enjoyed my first visit to Purl on Thursday, so I recognize those cute little hanging socks! and the touchy-feely table. Why don't ALL yarn stores do that?? It makes so much sense. A couple skeins of Koigu PPPM (already OTN for a pair of socks) and one of silk enhanced with tiny sequins (for a Christmas present) jumped into my bag. School Products sent me off with a couple more skeins of Koigu and a couple Addi Turbo circs, but Habu inflicted no damage.


I just stumbled across your blog somewhat recently but wouldn't you know that it would be cute guys that would finally get me to comment ;) (Give me any of those in place of yarn and I would be happy. Rawr! My boyfriend wouldn't be too pleased though.) My guess?

Mr. E= knits
Mr. B= kiss

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