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Mr. W in the van with the sticks. Mr. T got a smooch.

I love the swatch table. I think I played with each swatch twice. And Once Upon a Tart! I have been making some of their scones from their recipe book! Yuummmy...

Your Mom's Day sounds like mine without the photographing of the stash. I don't want to see my shame.


I think I'd rather have that burger and more yarn but I'll take a stab in the dark anyway.

Mr. C wants to knit
Mr. T got the kiss

Nothing like a contest to bring out the lurkers!


Hmm, how about Mr. W got the kiss, and Mr. T got the knits?

Thanks for the Purl pics. I got to go there this summer, and was absolutely amazed that I could be overwhelmed by so many beautiful things in such a small space!

Now true confessions: I've been lurking for a few months now, and it is you I'd like to thank for sharing. You've got great taste!


guess guess guess. Mr B for the kiss, Mr C for the knitting. Based on nothing.

Happy anniversary! It's so nice to have you here.


DUDE. G and I have been chowing down on BJ burgers since before they were on the radar. Them's the perks of having a dh who's job it is to go to NYC hotels all the time.
BEST.BURGER.EVER. Trust me - we've had em all!


I say... 1) Mr. B 2) Mr. T.

Did you try magnolia's bakery? I love that place...


That Koigu is fabulous! And I wouldn't have passed up a chance to join your vanpool!

On to my guesses:
1) Mr.T
2) Mr.C

Happy anniversary!


Oh my they are cute! No guesses but wanted to wish you a happy blogiversary!!! The yarn, oh the yarn - so fab!


Love your photos of Purl, Julie!
I'm thinking T is the knitter and E is the kiss recipient. No clue.


Though I'd kiss Mr. W (!!), I think Mr. T got kissed. And Mr. B wants to learn to knit.

Hope you and your fam are doing well.


T's the knitter to be; as for the kiss-ee, I mean, who wouldn't want to kiss any one of them? Let's go with E.

The world of Frick at Flickr (or should that be Frickr?) looks like a fine and lovely place. And if that's just the tip of the stash-berg, well....

Happy Blogiversary, and Happy Mother's Day a bit early -- so very glad you're here.


Cool contest! I'm thinking Mr. W is the knitter-wannabe and Mr. C looks like he was kissed.


Happy Blogiversary to you. I would have to say that Mr. W. is the one who asked. I love all the yarn that you bought too, such wonderful colors. Purl looks like such a gorgeous shop, and those angora booties look so so cute.


ok, somehow you and wendy of knit and tonic both mentioned bread and butter pickles in relation to yarn in the course of about 10 minutes. cwazy.

I think E wants to learn to knit, and W got the smooch.


I'm guessing:
Mr. E = Knitter
Mr. T = got the kiss

I have yet to go to Purl but the next time I get to NYC, I'm going!

Christy / Not Hip

I'm going with
1. Mr E
2. Mr W

Purl looks so pretty...I really must go one day.


I love the new stash. I can't wait to get to Purl myself, even though I live my the warehouse and could get all the yarny goodness, it is just as much about the presentation.

I would guess Mr. B wants to knit, Mr. W got kissed


Hmmmmmm. What the heck; I'll play! I'd say Mr. W is the knitter and Mr. C was kissed.


1) Mr W
2) Mr C

Looks like you had a fabulous time in NY. Plus time to shop? Perfect!


Knit = Mr. T
Kiss = Mr. E

Lovely photographs.
Happy Blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary to you!
Delicious cupcakes, yummy Koigu & cute guys too.
What a nice weekend.

I will guess....
Mr. W was kissed and Mr. T wants the knit cargo's.


#1: Mr. W
#2: Mr. B

Hey, we all love your blog and have really enjoyed reading your entries over the past year...

Also, I am a major cupcake enthusiast and feel that NY has the best cupcakes, no matter where you go.

Also: I completely agree that Ravlery is a major time vacuum. I am obsessed in a mildly unhealthy way. A non-knitting guy friend who frequently checks my flickr page was very confused about the pictures of yarn and asked if "...this is what was meant by yarn porn!".


Happy blogiversary!! Mine was yesterday - May must be a great time to start a blog.
I will say that Mr. B wanted to knit and Mr. E got the kiss.


Happy Blogiversary! I'm very glad you started blogging :) For the contest I'll guess 1. Mr. E and 2. Mr. W

I'm glad you had a good time in New York. The yarn colors you picked out are quite gorgeous!


I'm sure by now someone has already won, so I won't eve try.
I'm glad you made it to Purl. Such an awesome store and the people there are SO nice. Your new acquisitions are just fabulous!

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