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kelli ann

fish sandwich w grilled pineapple?! *groan, drool* nothing would taste better right now than a cold beer. -- here's to a new era of helping parents feel confident & just-perfect-for-the-job!! trust your instincts! we're making exactly the right choices! imagine: entire media empires would crumble.


You tell the *best* stories.


Oh, it must be dinner time, 'cause that fish and pineapple sandwich made my tummy grumble! Love that top-down bonnet, I'm on a baby knitting kick myself, I'll have to check it out!


I don't like Harry Potter either!


What? You don't like Harry Potter??? Well that settles it, you're being deleted from my bloglines!

Ha, just kidding! I like the books myself, but I'm not one to get fanatical about things (unless you're talking about Apple Computer), and I understand that not everyone likes everything ;)

Oh and a friend of mine has the fused toes on both feet, and in an amazing story of triumph, he has managed to live a normal life. It's so astonishing, I can't believe that Dateline hasn't done a story already. It's very possible that the Biscuit might just might have a chance at a normal life too ;)


Balls to the wall, baby. Balls to the wall.


Raising my wineglass, alongside you. And nodding in agreement re: Harry Potter.


"I believe that there's a lot of anti-female stuff going on in the world of pregnancy and childbirth that masquerades as empowerment."

It's not just in pregnancy and childbirth, either, but babies do tend to throw our collective shit into starker relief, eh?

(Apparently my mom's obgyn told her she could have one drink per month, and when I was born in February, she was caught up through May. So far my life doesn't seem too horribly ruined.)

miss ewe

I don't love HP either. But your socks do rock.

Jeanne B.

What's the name of that popular country song, the one that says something along the lines of when we were kids, we ate lead paint, our moms smoked while pregnant, etc, and yet somehow here we are and we're all fine and dandy? Notice I'm speaking paraphrasedly. ;-) Your seven things were read by me quite interestedly.


My G rocks as do your socks. See? I can rhyme too.

Oh and I've never read Harry Potter. Any of them. Ever.


I am not a Harry Potter fan at all. I've never seen any of the movies, nor read the books, and I have absolutely no interest in ever doing so.
Also, one of my favorite memories is drinking hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps in a string bikini around a beach bonfire with my best friend. Both of us were due to deliver our girls later that summer.


You make me laugh! Great stories!


You are such a joy to read...

My mom is a (retired) pediatrician and she says that one of the biggest medical secrets around is that alcohol consumption is primarily dangerous in pregnancy because frequently people who drink a lot have poor nutrition as well, but that 'the medical establishment' doesn't really want that one getting out there...


Even though I have not had a baby and have read all of Harry Potter, I agree on both 5 an 6. Especially the part about the adverbs.


Heehee. An amazing story of personal triumph. And to think I'd looked at all those artist photos on Flickr and not once did I think to myself, "Oh poor Frick family. Oh dear. Oh dear oh my." This reminds me, though, that I need to finish watching "Bleak House."

Also: I was just thinking about the overdeveloping our kids thing, not from the womb-control POV but from the TUMMY TIME, MUST HAVE TUMMY TIME, perspective. I mean really. I have zero idea if my mom even put me down for a second, but here I am, walking and talking and, um, typing up a storm. yep.


There's one short critical period during a pregnancy where , if the mother went on a bender, there would be birth defects (lack of neural tube closure). No bender, an occasional drink, reasonably good nutrition--no problems. Actually, the good nutrition is more for the mom than the baby. The baby will take all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs from the mom--if she doesn't have extra, her body suffers.

My mom teaches teachers how to teach writing. We family members know better than to say the word "adverb" in her hearing. It's not pretty.

Great knitting!


I had a friend whose OBGYN actually 'prescribed' she take a glass of wine a couple-three times a month for high blood pressure.


I will definately have to try knitting socks toe up, as I tend to get upset with all the leftover yarn I could have used too. Great bonnet too, love the colors. I enjoyed reading your random facts too.


I get so excited when my Bloglines tells me that you wrote another post, and this post is hilarious and smart and that is why.


Although, I do love my Harry Potter. Ferociously. Sincerely.


Love the socks - the next pair I start, I'm going to try out that pattern. And now all I can think of is a fish sandwich and a corona for dinner!


!! I don't know what to say, because I"m actually relieved to hear this about Biscuit. My daughter, too, has fused second and third toes on both of her feet. Actually, the one curls under the other. Her footprints on her birth certificate look wonky, and that's the first we knew about it. Our nurse said something like "Oh, her toes are a little funny." ! Our pediatrician told us when she turned 6 mos the one foot would be straight and 12 mos for the other. Neither is straight. Because it's obvious now that her toes are fused at the knuckle. He said 'relax' lots of people have feet like this. But I haven't met any..until now that is. Thanks very much for posting that. I wasn't worried about her feet, only that undoubtedly she won't be a big fan of sandals, but it is nice to know someone else has it, too.


When I was little I sat on a beanbag with a scorpion hiding inside. Not so much fun.


I hear ya (re: Harry Potter).

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