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I love Wendy's new pattern too. And that Anastasia sock IS perfect!

PS The marker card from yesterday?? Thank you, it is priceless. I finished school last Friday and am just now realizing that there is a great big world out there!


I have been thinking about that Alias episode where Sydney comes out in lingerie on a plane to "Back in Black" all weekend. That is just such a kick ass opening. That was the episode that aired directly after the Super Bowl that year - it was supposed to be a big show stopper to bring in new viewers. But the Super Bowl ended at like midnight, so no one really stayed up to watch Alias. I was absolutely heart broken to find that the episode could not be had through iTunes.

Err, and - awesome knitting, too! I love the socks with the swirly eyelet pattern.


Those socks are awesome. I have to get my act in gear and finish the ONE measly sock I have on the needles.
And death by misadventure? Love that. I'm going to use that this week.


hey, I like this 3 singles then 3 matches plan. I like it a lot. hmmmmm.

good luck on that 6-hour car ride, mon amie.

(can you ask everyone at my job to just not talk to me ever again?)


Oh, man! I have NO idea. A while ago I titled a blog post "Back in Black" and everyone jumped on it. I, as usual, was oblivious and merely referring to my new yarn colour.

Interestingly, you've set Mr BDK off this morning. He was whistling some AC/DC song as he was getting dressed (he's Irish). For the record, he's in total agreeance with Mr F - and now wants the book!

Misadventure indeed.


PS: I always thought Kylie Minogue was our Greatest Cultural Export. Or Dame Edna. How about Nicole Kidman? Rolf Harris anyone??


Ah AC/DC. I remember them, and grew up to their music by other friends listening to it. I wouldnt say they were our best export though, a lot of other bands I liked more than them. I love all of your socks, and what a great idea to knit 3 different ones, and then do their pairs. At least you dont get bored knitting the pattern do you.


love your labels. i had admired ashley's and now yours. may break down and get some. we will see. i've been crazy enough to agree to do some work from home for my old boss and may stash my earnings for such splurges. we will see. can't wait to see the halloween costume. i hope you're not kidding on that one because i can just picture the biscuit now and the picture in my mind is absolutely adorable. sending happy travel thoughts complete with sleeping biscuit your way.


love the socks and have an awesome vacay- you deserve it!


And the Wiggles?

Have a fabulous time at the beach, and don't forget to check in at Knitting Addiction...


If there was any chance that I could pull off dressing as Angus for Halloween (or any other day), I would totally do it! If you haven't already, you should check out the Upper Crust--they dress like 18th century French aristocrats but sing songs in the style of AC/DC. My faves are "Let Them Eat Rock" and "Friend of a Friend of the Working Class". Seriously.

Love the socks, must try Wendy's new pattern.


Lovely socks all around! Hope you have a great time at the beach :)


The labels look great, I may have to get some of those. What can I say, I'm a follower.

Have a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful vacation.

Oh, and yeah, that would be the BEST COSTUME EVER.


Love your socks, enjoy the beach

kelli ann

school of rock! school of rock!
have wonderful family time at the beach. take lots of pictures!


Hope you have great time! The socks are all beauties. American thighs? My 1st thought is "well fed" with that curve (the one we all complain about), but he may be signing about the straight up and down ones (the legs up to her @** variety)


This idea of knitting three single socks before getting to their partners is very interesting. Then when you get to the pair, it's like a whole new sock again! Maybe I could actually finish a pair if I try this. Hmmm.


Am I a complete cultural idiot for having no earthly idea that AC/DC was Australian?

Did you like the Chabon? I just put it on my birthday list.


Am I a complete cultural idiot for having no earthly idea that AC/DC was Australian?

Did you like the Chabon? I just put it on my birthday list.

pamela wynne

THAT HALLOWEEN COSTUME IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!! I do love me some AC/DC. I remember in the early-mid 90s, Veruca Salt had an album called "American Thighs," and I still didn't know what it meant. The new Chabon is on my list too.Oh, and great socks, all!

brenda in toronto

that would be the.best.costume EVARR!!!


especially the anastasia ones. i read all those books as a kid and just loved her. and dude?
that halloween costume is going to ROCK! i say, celebrate it early this year and put it on NOW!


Your socks kick ass. I love them all!

Say, how do you intend to sew your labels in? I have some but I've not been happy with the ways I've tried attaching them. Is there a secret? Do you hand or machine sew?


i'm just back from seeing wolfmother. there's another lovely aussie export for you.

i wonder, if i send you back the ksh you sent me, would you knit me something fabulous and attach a label to it?

Liz K.

I mean, you can't dust for vomit!

I think we have the same tolerance for single socks. I recently discovered my limit is 3 too. I want to be like all the cool SSL girls, but I just have to knit pairs. I don't have SSS, and shouldn't be made to feel bad about it by all the cool knitter chicks!!!!!!

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