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Those labels are great. I ordered some a few years ago and they sucked. Lets just say the Silver text 'looks and feels like tinsel' and is NOT 'pretty silver-y grey'. Every time I go to reorder mine I fiddle, fiddle, fiddle with what I want them to look like, can't decide and then leave the site.


How was the new Chabon? I am very attracted to the cover (yes, I'm shallow).

American thighs: corn fed, baby!!

Lynn in Tucson

And how IS the new Chabon? It's on my wish list; I want a review!
If you're feeling game, the Metallica documentary, Some Kind of Monster, is worth a viewing. Really _not_ my kind of music but the movie was more interesting than I would have expected.
'Sposed to reach 105 here this week. I'll be thinking of you at the beach!

Christy / Not Hip

In my mind, American thighs are the ones with the lawn chair imprint on the back from sitting too long ;)
Love the costume idea and the socks, of course.


I always assumed that American thighs were ample. Not Twiggy-skinny. (I became an AC/DC fan in my 50s when my older son introduced them into the household. You're never too old to rock 'n' roll.)


um I do believe I did a little karaoke to Shook me all night long dedicating it to all the Men with Gel in their hair.. what can i say... that's what happens when a bar dollar drafts... i'm dynamite.

great labels and socks! and i'm so glad you're gonna do the leaf lace, yea!!


You did it. You combined two things I love in one post. AC/DC and knitting. I didn't think it could be done...and yet you did it. And quite flawlessly ;)


The Anastasia socks are lovely, and I now officially have label-envy. I'll have to order some of those. Incidentally, my maiden name is Fulkerson and boy, was there plenty of trouble with that in junior high...


Well I'm not Nora but I do remember wearing out my 1st and 2nd cassette tapes of Back in Black in my car way, way back in high school.

I know what CD I'm grabbing this morning to listen to on the way to work!


How funny, I just ordered labels from Namemaker as well. They were just an "I am having a bad day, these will make me feel better" gift. I too am in awe of the toe up pattern by Wendy. A sock never fit quite so well. And American thighs? I have no idea.


Well, they are probably our least cringe-worthy cultural export!


I don't know whether we should be insulted or pleased by "American Thighs." All I know is that it illicits giggles from my juvenile husband and his buddies when uttered.

Love the labels!

Miss Scarlett

American thighs eh? I have no idea. Is it like Zeppelin's 'big legged woman ain't got no soul'? I cringe every time I hear it. Very misinformed man.
The Biscuit is going to be rockin' Halloween!

Love the 2x2 rib socks - they look awesome.

Kelly Sue

There's an AC/DC biography?! Hello. Happy anniversary to me. (After I posted this, I got this very cute little comment:

Hey Kellysue,

Please join us at the Bon Scott Club if you’d ever like to get together with other AC/DC fans on the web.


Oh, I do love the internets.

Kelly Sue

("This" was meant to be this link:

http://www.kellysue.com/blog/2007/06/07/these-are-a-few-of-my-favorite-things/ )


Just wanted to let you know that you inspired me. I finally did it. My new blog address is:


Tee hee, funny stories about AC/DC. Lovely socks!


I'm still in awe of your ability to tame the STR pooling beast. I bow down before you. And I sure wish you'd knit me somethin' so I could have one of those fantastic new tags... so cute.

catie Phillips

i love the anastasia sock


I've always wondered that myself!

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