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Yes. Yes, I did. I wasn't going to buy it, but I was hoping someone else would.

(We still have a week and a half to go before school lets out. The kids are becoming impossible to deal with, and I'm no prize, myself.)


Oh so excellent. Until tomorrow, then...


ROFL! I just got home from running all weekend, and this was a much needed laugh... Mrs. Sketch indeed :)


at the end of a long tiring day, that picture had me in stitches. Thanks for sharing, and hang in there!


Oh lord. Do I understand what you're saying. Just substitute second grade for all of the above. We have two weeks of school left because we had some snow days here this winter. Yay. :P Calgon, take me away!


I have one last set of essays to grade, and then the final exams to do. After that, I'm going on a fiction book binge.


haha hilarious. i'm feeling that pressure of the end of the school year too... but it too shall pass! so um, you still got that big wool! haha - i just took out my stash this weekend, oh boy... i won't even tease about buying it anymore... i'll be waiting for your next sale ;-)

kelli ann

tee, hee!! hope you & your family have plans for a fantastic summer... cheers!


bwahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh!


i did think i might have to somehow come up with some money and a use for big wool. i was getting very fricknits deprived! sorry to hear about all the craziness. thanks for sharing the funnies. that is so tim!

as to the x-ray, i almost had to do that and was assured that it was fine after the first trimester.

glad to have you back! you're been missed.


I got tired just from reading this post! I hope you're getting some well-deserved rest.

Ha ha!

pamela wynne

Ha! Love it -- and I sent it to my parents and sisters, all of whom are teachers. :)

Scribbles & Bits

That's awesome!

Miss Scarlett

Oh god! I just realized we only have one week of Preschool left and we haven't sewn their good-bye gift bags yet. Arrghh.
Love the Mrs. Sketch!

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  • Bodie's 9-Patch
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