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so impressed (and excited) that you're still blogging on vacation. i will not be blogging when i go to the beach in july--will be too busy chasing the little man around the beach. right after high school graduation i went in one of those lifeguard houses and it was quite an eye-opening experience(actually humorous is probably a better word to describe it). anywho, hope you're having fun at the beach. your maternity suit comment reminded me of my sister at the beach when she was 8 months pregnant. she called her maternity suit a "tent-kini." love the colors in the pointy baby hat. very lovely indeed!


happy anniversary, too!


happy anniversary, too!


Yes, the BLT is so special, isn't it? Sort of like Ginger Ale--something you have on a special occasion and then realize that the quality of your life would improve radically if you were to put it in permanent rotation.

Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary!!! I can't take vacation at this time of year, so thanks for sharing yours :) Sounds like you're having fun.


God you said BLT & I started scrambling for some bacon! Yum.
Love the G-rocks. I must finish my pair.


::sigh:: It looks wonderful. What is a vacation again? I can't remember....


Happy Anniversary!
I agree, the BLT is perfection in a sandwitch.
Baby coneheads are adorable. I love the hat!!


Happy Aniversary!

You could try blogging a "conversation" about the Drama-rama house. Think of all the fun you could have with that! And please tell me that you didn't switch out the real bacon for the turkey or veggie variety. That might be too much to handle!


Always remember when making your BLT: the tomato MUST be touching the mayo! You will notice a difference.


Oh you said BLT. That used to be *my* sandwich back before I became a vegetarian. My grandma used to make them for me on Ezekiel bread. Geez, its been 14 years - not including the hidden piece of pepperoni I accidentally ate last week.


OMG, I have GOT to post a comment LOL I am DYING just DYING laughing. Sorry, but itsa good laugh ;) you are the absolute BEST and I just love your blog. I have been reading you for awhile and EVERY single time I do, I smile!! Among all the poopy diapers, bugs in the pockets, screaming teenagers, phone calls and dh missing his second NON-knit sock, YOUR blog gives me that one boost to take a deep breath, silently smile to myself with a hidden chuckle and then off I go...to finish the rest of the day with my very own secret giggle board! Thank you! Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

Miss Scarlett

Hilarious! Your post makes us feel like we are there with you. Ahh the shouts of overly hormonal youth echoing in the night = Summer. Hope they don't wake up your little guy.
Love the socks - and the pointy hat.
Happy Anniversary!

Liz K.

The sad thing is that we keep getting older and the college kids just stay the same age. They look at me as positively middle aged now, what with the two kids and the knitting and the slightly balding husband...

Happy Anniversary with Mr Frick.

pamela wynne

Happy anniversary! Glad you're enjoying the vacation, in spite of the sea of adolescents. :) And I feel the same way about the Norwegian baby cap. SO cute, but the shape is a little disturbing.


Happy Anniversary! Thanks for keeping us updated while you are on vaca!

brenda in toronto

Happy Frick-a-versary :)


there is a reason you never see my head in my blog pictures.


Cute socks and even cuter hat! Great picture of your kid. I remember summers like that back in Sweden - cold water filled with jellyfish. happy anniversary!


Hurrah for the beach!

what comfie-looking socks. I'm bending my brain around toe-ups these days. Anything to shake up the sock knitting lull.

Enjoy your vacation (and happy anniversary!)


Hey! I remember when you were married... and look at you now :) Hope you had a great day, and continue to enjoy the beach.


Happy Anniversary! I posted a comment on your blog on April 17th after I saw that we shared an anniversary. Hope you had a great one!

kelli ann

happy anniversary: enjoy the beach time! less blogging, more fun!!


Happy Anniversary! Six, wood? Great FOs, and the BLT modification, I must try them. I am a great fan of the BLT....


Happy Anniversary!

A tip on the BLT - try lettuce leaf basil in place of the spinach. OMG it's sooo good.

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