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Hey - every potholder tells a story. Loving the beach blogging, even though it's making me impatient for our trek in August. And happy aniversary, just a little late.


Maybe the question should be:

Why NOT dig holes in the sand?

I miss my vacation - hope you're enjoying yours.

Karen B.

When I was 13, I entered a sand sculpting contest. One of the onlookers asked why we would bother to do something that would just get washed away. I had the same response: because it's fun.


is that your dark head? i always imagined you to be lighter.

and we dig holes in the sand so that they fill up with water. duh.


That, my friend, is EXACTLY why we dig holes in the sand. You got it. x

PS: When are you going home? You have (snail) mail...


My favorite thing was (and probably still is, if I get down to the beach) sifting sand endlessly through those plastic collander thingies. Man, I could do that for hours and hours.


A Hole is a Hole to Dig....Maybe it's instinctual, something imprinted on our DNA. I loved this post!


I want to dig a hole in the sand right now! and fill it with spot and croakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Scarlett

The future potholder looks great! Love the colour.
Your pics make me want to head down the Oregon coast like tomorrow.


Thanks for these vacation posts ... I get to go to the beach vicariously! :)

And I enthusiastically second the BLT sentiment.


i personally am a fan of the dribble sand castle--you know the kind you make at the edge of the water with wet sand? anyway, looks like you're having fun. your placket-front sweater is looking lovely. just picked up some alpaca blue sky cotton to make one for little man. almost got a color very similar to yours, but opted for a blue instead--blue just looks so lovely on the little man. enjoy your vacation! dig more holes for me.

oh--and there is some benefit to my inexpensive, but machine washable acrylics--but not as much fun to shop for.


Doing something fun, just for the fun of it is a perfectly good reason to do something. Society often makes us feel as though we have to be accomplishing something every single minute. This is not the case. Fun is fun. End of story.


I know why my dogs dig holes in the sand...to sleep in them! Maybe Biscuit is just feeling a bit sleepy ;)

Glad you're enjoying your vacation!


I live in FL, there's sand everywhere! Hope you're having a blast!

pamela wynne

"Take that, Nietzsche!" = my new motto. :)


You make me homesick. Growing up I was surrounded by beaches, I loved to play in the sand and collect seashells. Here I'm surrounded by desert, my kids have not been to a real beach yet.


I love this! Makes me excited for the beach days in my future and brings to mind an oh-so-helpful TV news story I heard a few days ago -- "Dangers of the Beach": Beware, the beach is a very dangerous place. There are lots of holes in the sand, and people sometimes don't fill them in, so be careful not to fall in or trip over them.

Wow, thanks for the tip newslady! This is why I'm all NPR these days :)

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


Nicely put - I enjoyed reading this entry.

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