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Have fun. Baby book? Mine have baby boxes. (Card with tiny footprints? Birth announcement? It's in there somewhere, sweetie.)


Have a great weekend! Love Todd :) Got to meet him when he was in concert here, what a guy! Enjoy mamma!


Have a great weekend!


Have a fantastic weekend!


Semantics lessons from our President...you crack me up!!


In college, a friend & I decided to walk into a very seamy adult bookstore. We were "stalked" by a lot of the customers. This is how I felt watching Rock of Love. Never went back to the bookstore, oh but I'm going back to Bret's house!

With Gus, I loved reading people birth plan's. So long, detailed & beautiful. Mine, drugs & push.


It sounds like you are in for a great weekend!
The Elvis fish are adorable!

Karen B.

Love the pompadoured non-fish and the mom-to-be party plan. Enjoy!


Cute Elvis fish! The pomps are so the best.
And I now learn that I am not the only one around here totally into Rich's hysterical recaps. Love him! I hate to admit, however, I love Rock of Love, too. What can I say? It's pure comedy.


good job seaming there.

"when I was official DJ at my MFA program's dance party" -- quote of the weekend (my weekend. i hope yours has more excellent quotes to come.).


Girls Weekend, yay! Have fun!

Love the fish and the Ramones! :)



Dating myself here (rather, my pregnancy) but what the hell is a birth plan? Is that something you have to do after you get pregnant?

The "Rock of Love" recap may have been funnier than the show. It was like watching a slow train wreck with people shouting, "No, really, I think the train can jump over that huge tree trunk. I'll be fine." Million dollar question, did you catch "Scott Baio"?


Hi--I've been lurking for quite some time now but your post on Harry Potter really made me want to comment. While I may actually read Harry Potter one day (I have not read any and only saw the first movie), the hoopla surrounding these books really gets to me. I took a look at the article you linked to and I think it's something everybody should read regardless of whether you are a HP fan or not. I knew that people don't read as much as they used to but some of the statistics shocked and saddened me. Just as an interesting side note...to prove his point...as I've scanned blogs the past couple weeks I've noticed a trend...folks who rarely if ever mention books in posts have been talking about HP non stop recently. It's frustrating! Anyway--really enjoying your blog!


as always, your post made me smile. have tons of fun this weekend!


Very cute fish!

The best piece of advice I recieved regarding the birth plan - when I was in nursing school, the instructor told us - "There's nothing natural about being in pain - tell your mommies to take the drugs!" I concur.

pamela wynne

omg, the King Fish are SO cute!! And I'm always a sucker for the soundtrack-of-my-life theme. :)


Sounds like a great weekend! You are definitely my kind of "partier"! Hope you enjoyed it:)


cute fish, ichy or otherwise!


so cute! but yes, they look strangely unlike fishies...and yet they do look like fishies...confused, i am.
:o) have a great day!

Miss Scarlett

Love those Elvis airplane-y fish. They are very cute! Ahh the softening of the English language continues...

Your 3rd song/plan is hilarious!


Those are *totally* adorable!


First of all, before I forget: thanks for the response about the childs placket sweater thingamabob. I ended up ripping it out in frustration though. But I really appreciate the reply!

Secondly, thanks for the link to the Rock of Love recap. Oh man...I'm with you. I won't watch it, but I must read those. Hi-larious.

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