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I was eyeing Jared's pattern on the Interweave preview too. I have some Skye Tweed in the stash. It looks like Eunny has done a beautiful job with this issue!
The blanket looks great, I'm sure it will be well loved.
Pretty nice loot from your crafty friends too!


Your baby blanket looks wonderful and snuggly too. Love all the pressies that you bought yourself, and the wee wonderful toy is so cute, and I agree must have one for each so there is no squabbling.


I love that sky tweed! I want to make that sweater for my husband! Can't wait to get my mag...


Ha--I just ordered some Felted Teed as an early b-day present for myself for the tangled yoke! Look at us, woith out matching justifications for tweedy yarn purchases for patterns that don't really even exist yet. Are we twins? What if we're twins?

The blanket rules, and you'll love it when the back s on--it stabilizes all the stretchiness so it doesn't get all wonked out of shape. But wait, is this one for the Fricklet? I thought it was for the Biscuit.


That blanket is so fabulous! It will surely be loved.


On the shoulders of giants, indeed! Look at all that good stuff!


The blankie is awesome- go, gender bender, go!

And where did you find the Skye Tweed? Do they still have some at Webs?


Lovely blanket! Cute li'l wee gal! This giant idea is a good one.

Scribbles & Bits

Gorgeous blanket!!!!


That blanket is lovely. And I love Jared's design. It'll be a great sweater for Mr. Frick.


Oh my. Why did I never see this coming. Tell me, how many more innocent crafters must suffer in your net before the violence stops? The horror!

(Glad you like the yarn BTW, I'm honored to have some of my stuff in the stash to beat all stashes!)


I like that pattern - please let us know how the skye tweed plays.


Your blanket is deeply impressive. And Rowan to boot!!


i thought that was a Jared pattern!! how exciting for him! and i love your blanket - so cute and how comfy it will be with it's backing! (now i have "fe Fi fo fum" stuck in my head... wonder why!)


everything is lovely! j a r e d is so impressive, isn't he? i'm in awe everytime i see his pictures and knitting. Mr. Frick will look very handsome in the sweater. Still haven't gotten the nerve up to try and knit my honey a sweater yet. Someday. Hope all is well. Glad you had a great girls weekend.

Miss Scarlett

Oooh I saw that pattern at the preview site - love it! It is going to look gorgeous in Skye Tweed.

Love your blankie - the edging looks fine from here. :-)


Love the blanket!


darling, you could definitely do it! your blanket looks fabulous btw.


Great job on the blanket. I love your color choices. Have fun with your new yarn!


What kind of backing are you putting on that blanket? I think it looks wonderful!


The blanket looks beautiful from this view. Backing a crocheted blanket is an old trick to extend their useful life. Veteran crocheters will just think you're wise.

I want to make Jared's sweater for me -- maybe stopping the neckline a hair sooner.


the blanket is beautiful!!!! i love the colors and i know that it is going to get so so much love. congrats!


Good call passing the big F off to someone to back the thing! The blanket is lovely, and I'm sure the recipient will enjoy loving it to bits.

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