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We seem to come from similar advice backgrounds here! My advice to TLP is never marry a girl who won't wear khaki -she'll be way too high maintenance!


You've learned well young jedi. The favorite bit of advice from my ma is a version of your mom's #1 suggestion, although my ma's version is: two of shit is still shit.


Those are some good ones! Here's mine: Never pass up a chance to travel (even if you have to borrow the airfare and live cheaply when you get there). Just go. It will make your world and your heart bigger.


My advice? Always find someone who has knit it before you! I cast on baby yoda any day now! Thanks for the help and have a great summer!

Laura Sue

My mom told me when I started high school that I was free to choose any courses I wanted to take. Her advice (which I was free to reject): take home ec. You'll never regret learning to sew. And take typing: for the same reason. Best advice I ever got!


My husband's family has two pieces of advice that are always given when new babies arrive. They are referred to as the Laws of Parenting (or babies, depending who you are talking to). First and foremost, let sleeping babies lie. Second, don't let the stroller wheels squeak. The first has served me well over the past year. As for the second, I thought it was a bit silly, until I was stuck with a squeaky stroller. Damn that's annoying!


My stepdad would likely come back from the grave if I didn't pass along his bon mot- 'If you don't ask, you don't get.' While this kind of goes against the grain of little old take what is given to you me, it is true, and helps me step out of my comfort zone from time to time. [That, and the memories of him using it to redeem coupons that expired in previous Ages has somewhat diminished.]


My mom's big ones were practical. Don't start mowing the lawn or balancing the checkbook. You'll be doing it for the rest of your life.


Real Simple is really more like Real Expensive. All the different things they hawk end up promoting consumerism rather than a simple lifestyle! Okay, there's my advice and the end of my soapbox!
The sweater rocks, by the way.


My father was a quiet man, not given to talking much, let alone giving advice. The only such he ever gave me was golden, though, here in the Great Frozen North: never walk on slippery ice/snow with your hands in your pockets.


See, I never listen to my mom (as I balance the checkbook and mow the lawn) as Lola said earlier. Also, Mom also said never marry a man under 6'5" or one with blue eyes or a teacher. My husband is 6 feet even, has the loveliest blue eyes I've ever seen, and holds a secondary English degree.

On practical advice, Robert Frost gets me every time when it comes to life: it goes on.


That yoda sweater is adorable and I cannot wait to see pics of the little Fricklet in his yoda outfit - felted hat an all!


#3 is so good, love that one. My advice: when in doubt, be kind.


kmkat, my mom always said the same thing but related it to the time she broke her arm ice skating because she couldn't get it out of her pocket in time. Ouch!

My advice is this: If today sucks, remember that today is not the rest of your life.


I think if I hadn't been pregnant when I wrote the pattern, I would have done it the way you did. Excellent mods. (and another great looking yoda)

What I learned from my parents: don't kill spiders and bugs that you don't want in the house. Use a cup and an index card to trap them and escort them outside. Note that this does not apply to mosquitos and roaches.


Advice eh? Okey dokey: 1. Always carry a couple of safety pins in your purse. 2. Carry a rainhat or umbrella whenever you get your hair done. 3. When making goals for you rself, aim high. Even if you miss your mark, you will accomplish more than you would have thought possible!


Advice huh? The best one for me is - You can't control other people, only your own actions and words and your own reactions to what others say and do. This really does help when my kids talk about what's happening in their world.


Love the Yoda Sweater, it will look very cute on the Fricklet!

And my best advice is: Rebooting your computer solves a heck of a lot of problems, so always give that one a try first. (A bit nerdy I know, but still super useful!)


my mom had this framed in her office, and I always thought it was super-appropriate:

Price, Time, Quality...
Pick 2


I posted three bits of practical advice over on my blog. In a first draft I talked about toilets extensively (and if that doesn't sell a blog entry I don't know what does).



1. Always pay yourself first from both of my parents.

2 Education is the best investment you can make from my Dad.

3. Don't compare your insides to someone else's outsides from my 1st love.

4. Be true to yourself.


never trust a woman who drinks whiskey?!? what kind of woman doesn't drink whiskey? (said as I tuck my whiskey glass behind my laptop and try to look innocent)


Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance. My dad was a great soldier!

Liz K.

The best advice I got recently was actually from you. It was something along the lines of "get over yourself and sit on the damn sand already."

I sat on the sand for the first time in years, and despite the fact that I am still digging handfuls for sand out of my underwear, I had a ball on the beach with my kids today, sitting in a hole we dug in the path of big waves.

Get over yourself. This is my constant struggle. Thanks for helping me take the next step.


Oh I have no advice. If I had any, it would be something like, "don't do what I do, even though I kind of like being this way and I'm going to stubbornly persist in doing what I do."


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