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That little jacket is TOO cute!


Cute baby jacket and hat. Just so adorable, and what a lovely package you received from Black Dog Knits. The yarn looks beautiful.

Lynn in Tucson

Oh! That Passionfruit! To die for....

Welcome home!

Liz K.

Do you have Weekend Knitting? I've used the directions for making the petals for those round washcloth as bear ears.


Back to life, back to reality...


That is going to be one well-dressed Fricklet!


Very cute! Li'l Fricklet is one lucky child.

I'm still trying to envision knitting that emulates runny pantyhose...


Oh, I definitely think the B should dress up as me!


Lovely bag. Not too shabby on the yarn, either. Does the little bagget hide the pretty stitch markers?

I knit loosely so I know exactly what you mean by runny pantyhose look. I think many yarn ball bands give gauges that don't suit the yarn. It sometimes feels as if some manufacturers fear scaring off customers with a realistic gauge and needle size.


Awww... those are just too cute. I really really like the color, too.


I love the Yoda pattern! It's one of my favorite quick baby knits :) I actually like the fabric you came up with - looks a bit rustic, which is in keeping with the theme, no?

Welcome home. We should all be greeted by gorgeous yarn and handmade gifts!


such a beautiful set..


Ooooh, too cute!!


Lovely sweater + hat + what a lovely gift. Seeing those little FOs makes me want another little one. Argh! Slap me!


Killer package--what a treat to come home to! That would totally make coming back from vacation worthwhile.

pamela wynne

Fabulous package! Nora rules. I'm itching to make that adorable Yoda sweater for my new niece -- I have big plans for Baby's First Halloween. :)


The cute animal ears in Itty Bitty Hats are just the top of the hat divided onto 2 sets of DPNs, knitted up a couple rows, then a couple of k2togs around. You could do that then sew 'em on in a curved shape to make them more ear-ish.


I love going on vacation, and love coming home. But unpacking? Bah!


Cute Yoda! That's a great colorway for it.


as i'm at the beginning of two weeks away from home with little man(one week in VA and one week at the beach) i know i will be in similar packing/unpacking situations. oh the chaos! love your sweet little jacket/sweater and bonnet. lovely color! i just recently discovered black dog knits and was admiring that bag. you are so lucky!


oh i love how the cotton stria knit up. so rustic and i love the colorway.


What great gifts and sweet baby set!


Nothing says says welcome home like a pissed off cat! The sweater and bonnet are just adorable. Can't wait til there's a little something to fill em' out ;) How about a couple of half circles for the ears? I can only crochet those off the top of my head. (no pun intended) Welcome home!

Miss Scarlett

Yummy looking package!

I love your Yoda jacket - that is so cute - are you sure you don't want to make Yoda ears?


Welcome back. Just got back myself, and my plants are dead. Luckily, I do not have cats, or any other living thing to be dejected about my neglect.

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