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Crap, I forgot it was Friday. Must find fiber that matches food....


Wow! Birthday coming up? There's so many Aug birthdays!




Are you a Leo? That explains so much;)

Raspberry Sorbet is utterly luscious and lovely, and any blog post with a Prince lyric makes my day in every way.


That looks positively yummy!!!


I'm not sure what I want more...the sherbet or the yarn.....


I actually wasn't a Fricknits reader back then, but it's good to know that my color choice is one you like ;) I just looked through the stock and said, "Hmmm, what color yarn would a girl want for her birthday?" And landed on this one. Highly scientific, I know.

Anyway, enjoy (both the sorbet and the sherbet!) :)


Yum and yum! And happy early birthday!


Happy Birthday!
Aren't you a lucky girl? Sorbet & Yarn, what a delicious combination.
If I can stop licking my monitor, I'll have to go check out Adam's yarns.
(And thanks....that song will run through my head for the next thirty minutes)
Have a great weekend!!!


Beautiful. I just went over and ordered that colorway in the worsted merino from his shop. BTW I think that we have the same birthday.


that sorbet looks almost as good as the yarn! :o)
and Ciao Bella has a storefront near where i used to live in Berkeley, CA. sooo yummmmy...
have a good weekend!


Oh yum! That does look good enough to eat!

Karen B.

I have it on very good authority that some of the very best people have August birthdays. Enjoy yours! May it be as delicious as that sorbet.

Miss Scarlett

Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn and mmmmmm your sorbet!
Enjoy your special day.


Delicious. 'nuff said.


I love this pic so much, but it makes me nervous every time I look at it. I keep worrying about that blob of sorbet dropping on the yarn.


Gotta love Prince! And sock yarn! Fiberlicious Baby!


Mmmmmmm. Great color!


That looks soo good. I wish I had some right now (the sorbet and the yarn!).


I love the yarn

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