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Awww... That stinks! I just ran out of yarn halfway through the bind-off of a project, which is easily fix-able, but darn frustrating! Hope you find your savior :)


I ordered 14 balls (due to ambiguous yarn requirements on the preview) of Dungeon (from Webs) for the Mister's Cobblestone and I think I only need 12 for the 43 1/2" size. You are welcome to my remaining 2 if you want them.


I just checked on Ravelry for you and Hello Yarn has that exact dye lot in her stash. Her website is http://www.helloyarn.com/wp

Maybe she could be bribed?

There are a couple other people as well but no blogs. I could send them a ravelry message though. Let me know and good luck!


Yay for Nova coming through! I thought someone would help out for sure - I had an Tomten savior last spring when I ran out of yarn. I love the internets! [can't wait to see your Cobblestone!]


That certainly puts the Frick! in fricknits, doesn't it? Just cast on for cobblestone. Never done a tomten...maybe I will! Good luck on getting yarn!


Hope you get some... and maybe a little more so you can put all your guys in matching sweaters, can you say Christmas Card?


I checked Ravelry and no one had stashed that color. Sorry, hope nova's yarn will work.


You are fast! It took me 4 years to finish my husband's sweater (and now he doesn't like the neck....) If all else fails, I found it for you ebay, this link may be too long to work, but search under the color number and name:


Safely finished? Goodness! Are you sure that the wool on the sweater isn't singed from the friction? I still haven't managed to cast on for my Seamless Hybrid, since finding an hour or so to sit down and provisionally cast on 200 ish stitches is proving difficult.


Ok, finished? You are a wonder.


Here ya go mamma.



Wow, finished already? Don't sweaters take a year to make? Ahem.

I have no skye tweed in any color but you know it would have been yours if I did.


Oh wow! Can't wait to see the modeling pictures!


oh good luck!!!

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