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Ah, boys. Mine is into flashlights. Actually, I should say mine are into flashlights. The husband plays just as much as the kid.


My grandmother was obsessed with the birds in our back yard: "There's that junko again!". I think it's what old people do. But my daughter is also heavily into birdwatching and is keeping a list of every bird she's seen, and is always asking me what a certain bird is. Answer: probably a sparrow!


You could send him down here to visit me where we have one of the largest windmill museums of the US. Would this help?

BTW: I love birding!


All the way to Holland? OH NO! A quick jaunt to Holland, MICHIGAN, a mere 40 minutes from beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, will scratch that kid's itch. Windmills galore.

And as for you, missy--oilies and Thundercats all in one post? You slay me. You really do.


i'm too old so i wouldn't know what oilies or the thundercats were if they bit me. but when i was little i was obsessed with magazines (still am) and toy cars (that my younger brother later destroyed).


You just never know - his collection and hobby might one day lead to his future job. Love the birdreading book too, my kids used to look through them to find the native birds in our garden too, and were all excited when they knew one. At least it is educational for him as he is learning about nature. I love the squares too, another blanket perhaps.


...or the Moulin Rouge in Paris, FRANCE (great yarn there too).


My boy (now 17) loved matchbox cars, building things and taking things apart! Sounds like your little one has an engineering mind.


I have an in on the windmill business.... we can chat!


as usual, you made me smile. in june, my niece (2) and my nephew (almost 4) were in town visiting. one morning the three children (my little man included) were staring out our picture window watching the birds. they would excitedly point and yell, "a bird!" every time they saw one. they were just ugly old black things, but they didn't care. they were very excited. maybe that's how the biscuit feels about fans. wish i got that excited about seeing something so ordinary. maybe i do, but whatever it is doesn't seem ordinary to me. anyway, sorry for the rambles. look forward to hearing if the birds catch on as an interest. maybe hummingbirds would be a good start for your little fan-lover.


Kids are so strange & funny. My sister's son became fascinated at an early age with all things lightbulby and not just lights on top of police cars. Regular light bulbs too. One of his first words was "bulb." For his 3rd b-day we bought him a purple light bulb with plastic tenticle thingies hanging off it. He loved it. I think the fan collection is adorable!

Scribbles & Bits

That's so cute! I'm sure he'll tire of the fans soon enough and move on to something else! In the mean time, when do we find otu more about those delectable sqwuares you're working on? I am intrigued!


Thundercats. Memories, good times! Maybe the Biscuit is showing signs of an interest in engineering? And there are some great bubblemakers with fan attachements...this is the kid's favorite "fan" at the moment. Good luck pushing the birds. Everyone needs a hobby. And the blanket is looking quite nice, by the way.


Tinkertoys used to have fan "blades" you attached to the ends of the sticks. That might be something to look for. They all have their passions--my son(even when he was very young) always studies mechanical things. Inevitably everything gets taken apart--pens, flashlights. I have to keep a vigilant eye on my ball-winder (and he's eight, and should know better than to touch!).


My nephew who was interested in and took apart all mechanical things or thought up new things to do a job is now a very happy mechanical engineer.

The owner of the HVAC company that services our building does very well, too.

If you get to California, drive him over the Altamont Pass to look at the wind farms. About a dozen different designs of power generating windmills. That's another career.


My favorite thing in this post (other than birds and boys in general, they are good and all) is that drawing of the squares. Hiding under the pile of squares.


lol, lol, lol. what ARE we doing with all this string?


I too am wondering what the heck you're doing with those sticks n string..particularly the string. Can I ask what that gorgeous dark blue and even darker blue yarn is that you're using on those squares? I love those colours

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