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Oh geez - Baby #1 is AWESOME. Happy Birthday!



(Yeah, I was totally that kid. Shutting up now.)


Happy birthday again! I love all the big-headed babies, but I'm guessing you're #3. Now go slather on some Origins stuff and enjoy the rest of your day!


happy birthday!!! i'm guessing you are baby #1.


the three of you are too adorable to even be compared to the likes of perot, rove or limbaugh (ack!!)

i guessed on ashley's. i won't guess here so as not to cause confusion and to prove that i can follow directions.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm gonna guess

baby #1 Ashley
baby #2 Christy
baby #3 You

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Okay, my SWAG:

#1 Christy
#2 Ashley
#3 Julia


Awww, you were such cute babies!
Happy birthday to all three!

The Feminist Mafia

Happy Birthday to all! You know I love these games, and I'm pretty sure I know which baby belongs to which sophisticated lady.

Baby #1: Christy
Baby #2: Ashley
Baby #3: You

And no surprise, I love the stripey clutch and the chocolate and cherry the best. Yummy.


I'm going to say

You're all too cute :)

Christy / Not Hip

1: "I need to poop, I need to poop"
2: "I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it!"
3. "I'm a super duper pooper."

Let's face it, with babies, it all comes down to poop.


Happy birthday, Julia! :-)

Kim U

Happy birthday!


Baby #1: Christy
Baby # 2: Julia
Baby # 3: Ashley

I usually read their blogs, I don't know how I missed yours! Happy Birthday and welcome to my Bloglines!

kelpkim (aka kimchi)

just popped by to say hi and Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad that it was a good time had by you all and i wanted to tell you that I put captions on my entry (over at Christy's blog) in honor of you! :o)
hope you have a great week and see you online!


Happy Birthday (again)! This is such a fun contest idea!

I left my answers on Christy's blog; I'm such a sucker for orange. I do have background stories listed there, too ;)


Happy Birthday to all of you!!

My guess is:
1. Christy
2. Ashley
3. Julia

I hope you all have a fantabulous birthday week (at least it should be a week long celebration!)


#1 Christy
#2 Julia
#3 Ashley

Happy birthday to you all!



Captions #1-Someone took my Addi Turbos!
#2-Here, this'll make you feel better
#3-I took the Turbos!

I see you're having many happy returns of the day! Happy Birthdays!



Happy Birthday Julie!!

#1: Ashley
#2: Christy
#3: Julie


Happy Birthday. This is a fantastic contest idea. My guesses are:
Baby #1: Christy
Baby #2: Ashley
Baby #3: You


What a clever contest you clever ladies you ;)

Here's my guesses:

#1 - Karl Rove


Sorry, I couldn't resist, the resemblances are quite uncanny ;)

My real guesses:

#1 - Christy: "Mom, I'm not hip or funky, and putting a pink frilly dress on me won't change that! Jeez!"

#2 - Ashley: "Mom, the dress is nice, but I think it would be better with a green gingham fabric with blue stitching, with a few linen patches. And some vintage buttons. Just saying."

#3 - Julia: "Hmmm, my birthday is coming up soon, so I need to start planning how best to extract those sympathy gifts...Maybe if I get sick a few days before I'll get tons of extra gifts! Yes, that's an excellent idea!"

Happy Birthday Ladies!


wow! you guys are so generous to do this. now i just have to decide where i want to enter. all three clutches and all three yarns are so lovely!


Happy b-day to you!!! i linked to your blog through Ashley's recently and i really, really enjoy it. i'm loving your sock yarn and the clutch that goes with your bloggy prize package, so here goes:
#1 Ashley
#2 Christy
#3 You
mmmmmmm... we'll see - i'm tempted to do some switching, but am going to resist!


Love the babies!!!!!
Happy birthday all!

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