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pamela wynne

Love letter, indeed! Such a great post. I want to snuggle the sweater like mad, and that last picture is lovely and whimsical and sweet -- just perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Kaitie Tee

What a beautiful sweater! - I'm sure whenever he wears it he will be reminded of how much you love him.


BEAutiful! :) very nice job, and he looks great in it! :) I should really knit my hubby a sweater that actually fits him someday...


Is it bad I think your belly's cuter than the sweater? And your guy has very nice lips. ;-)


That is such a sweet love story! And the sweater is just wonderful.


What a sweet post, and what wonderful pictures of Mr. Frick, the sweater, and you. You guys are freakin' adorable.


Aww, that's great. I love the sweater. Is it bad if I think your version looks better than the one in the magazine? It's beautiful!


So sweet & you couldn't have ended it with a better photo.


gorgeous! it turned out great :) i want to make this sweater too for my husband.




What a great post! Knitting is such a great way to spread love!


This is such a feel-good post!!! GREAT sweater, too. Yay!


Hooray for this sweater and you and your fantastic family!


so very sweet!
good luck with your next project! ;)


What a great little photo + essay, essay!

As for the pantomime thing, that reminds me of a story....my sister's friend's boyfriend (got that? I'm not repeating it) doesn't dance. Actually, CAN'T is more like it. But
SHE does like to dance. So he has made up dance moves. Like "shopping' where he pretends to be pushing a grocery cart and selecting items to put in it. Or "baseball" where he pretends to hit and then catch a ball. "wax on wax off" is always a hit with Karate Kid fans.....and so on....


Oh so much love is written in that post. I am sure just as much love went into his sweater too as it looks wonderful on him. At least now you will have time to pack the baby bag and perhaps set up the crib too.

Karen B.

This "Love Letter" makes me smile, with its warmth and feeling. So very sweet, you make a perfect pair!

Lynn in Tucson

Relax, Julie. Babies don't need a crib right off the bat. It looks like you've been putting your free time to good use!


Beautiful post, beautiful sweater.


awww. nice sweater, and nice tummy.


he's so cute! well from what i can see. hell, both of you are cute.


Love the post, love the pics, LOVE the sweater. Brava!


Great post. Great sweater. And what's not to love about a cute prego belly?


Beautiful sweater, beautiful, and that last photo is just so sweet.


What a sweet post and a lovely FO. The sweater fits him perfectly!

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