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Score, I knew I had it right! The look on Baby #3's face just said Julia to me, and the hair confirmed it. SMUG is the password indeed.

I think I even detect a bit of smugness in that picture w/ your Mom... ;)


Hm, I'm wondering if there's something more to this exclusive nickname... My brain has been completely sucked out the side of my head by Ken Burns' The War, and our program about The War, and our new channel and -- am I boring you? Because like 50+ hours a week of it is boring me too.


(I think Sweetcheeks McGhee sounds even better. I could go on like this. But must. return. to. PR. machine. and coworker counselling. I would envy your maternity leave but I've spent too much time with the nephews to think it's vacation.)

heehee. sweetcheeks.


Ha! This was tons of fun! Love that birthday card!


Oh, I am SO in.

And that is quite literally the best birthday card evah. I was trying to think of a way to end that sentence with a preposition, but I failed. Where my bad grammar at?

Miss Scarlett

I love that photo! Priceless.

What a fun contest. You are right - the caption contest is a great idea. One I just might steal...

The card is brilliant!


i don't know why, but i instantly knew that one was you. maybe because as i was looking for pics for my anniversary post, i saw a pic of you and mr. frick from dan's wedding. i think you were 7 or 8 months pregnant with the biscuit so your face was fuller and it probably looked more like those cute little baby cheeks. anyway, thanks again for a fun and generous contest. by the way, i'm having more issues with my rusted root fitting. any suggestions?


That was such a fun and inventive contest!
Hope your birthday was filled with huge amounts of chocolate.
Best Wishes!

** The biscuit cetainly resembles his Mama ;)

brenda in toronto

I snorted coffee out my nose when I read the punchline of that card!! Thanks for the laugh :)


Happy birthday Julie! I'm always a day late and a dollar short...
Yummy looking cake and yarn--hope you had a great day!


Funniest birthday card EVER!!!!!

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