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Lovely yarn and I have tasted pumpkin pie. It never tasted like pumpkin but it was very nice. Stash enhancement is always a great thing, it just gives you a better choice to choose from when you want to knit something new.


The 1st step is admitting you have a problem but if I were you I'd deny, deny, deny!



HAAAAAAAAA--guess what I just bought at the store?

1. Frozen pie crust
2. 1 can pumpkin pie mix
3. 1 can evaporated milk.

The cheater's way, I know.


Oh, all right *sigh* I'll take two of them off your hands for you.


After spying a particularly delicious colorway of Trekking on "Knitting Iris" last spring, I decided I must have some for myself and spent a good week searching the Internet for a skein. It was not to be .... an older colorway, sold out all over, I finally declared defeat and pouted until I felt better.

When I felt better I went to the stash to pull yarn for my next pair of socks. Guess what I found?


It continually pleases me that you make and eat pumpkin pie out of season. Like that's even possible! Pumpkin pie! pumpkin pie! (In my head, that's a cute song. Hm. I should leave work now.)



Especially when chosen by someone with such taste!


that was hilarious. I almost did miss it. I thought it was just a typo because the pictures were so similar...had to do a double take.

As Jill said in your last comment, no stash is too big, you just have to learn to knit in your sleep is all :O)


Oh. You know that gurgling sound Homer Simpson makes over doughnuts? I made that sound over your picture of pumpkin pie.

Bring on Autumn!


Completly different oranges and browns. Even if made into the same pattern, they'd be different.

If you had two different oatmeal-colored sweater yarns in your stash would you think that a mistake? Or two purples if that was your beige-equivalent?

You like orange and brown and fall is not far off. You're prepared.

I went through a pumpkin pie-making phase in my late teens/early twenties. It's been a while since I made one -- like decades. I should put that on my mental list of things I should do.


Why is it OK to have a well stocked pantry, but not stash? Don't they both feed?

Christy / Not Hip

"Orange and brown" I gasp as I look at the photos. My stash is bursting after birthday goodness, but now I think it needs more orange and brown.


Oooooh! It looks like autumn. :)


Oh my goodness. Is it almost pumpkin season? Swoon.

Pumpkin is probably my favorite flavor EVER, and I will take any excuse to use it in anything. Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Vinaigrette, Pumpkin Cheese Risotto, Pumpkin Cream Cheese, ..., well you get the idea.

And, the 2nd orange and brown is just a backup you know? Cause what if you use that Koigu? Then what will represent the colors orange and brown in your stash? You gotta have a color backup. ;)


Not too big, no. Just diverse.


It's not that your stash is too big, the problem is that we don't live to be 327 years old. If I had 278 more years I could probably use up all my stash!


Delicious in color & taste.

I am in full agreement w/Adam.
Big Love for the Pumpkin.

Too much pie?????
Too much yarn????


Dang, that orange yarn is gorgeous! And now I need to make me some punkin pie.


The pie looks delicious, as does the yarn. Mitts and socks--you need both. No way you over bought.


Ha-ha! Oh yes, I have done that! But the resulting yarns are delicious!


Both "sets" are really pretty. Can there be too much yarn?

pamela wynne

Mmm, I just made a sweet potato pie that looks just like this, and then got a little sad that I don't have any yarn that matches it (not going to examine this sadness to closely, as it will almost certainly lead to further sadness). Anyway, thanks for filling in with a fix for my fiberlicious failure! I'm always happy to ogle your massive stash.


girlfriend, you need some whipped cream!


*sigh* I'd never admit it to Mr. ReMango, but I've been cleaning out my craft room to make way for baby, and I too have too much stash! But not enough pie, sadly.


I love pumpkin pie, but it has to have homemade whipped cream. The colors of your wool are gorgeous.

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