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brenda in toronto

wonderful photo... congrats J! MMMWAHH!


i want them. i LOVE baby feet. this such a gorgeous photo. it must be framed. thanks for sharing. what lucky little feet those are to have you as a mommy. can't wait to see him wearing all your lovely socks.


Gah!! Can I put that little foot in my mouth? Pllleeaaaassssseeee???


Bravo! It looks like you did a perfect job! Congratulations!!

How could you even think of covering those feet. They must be left exposed so you can kiss them often!

Tell grandpa extraordinaire that I love his photo!


Sweetest photo ever (of a baby not my own).

Karen B.

Look at those little nibblers (toes, that is)!

He appears ready to experience Bootie-satva, Momma Frick.


baby feet are so cute! great shot:o)


baby feet are so cute! great shot:o)


baby feet are so cute! great shot:o)


Oh yes, and what art it will be with those beautiful booties!


Yep, thems are some bootie-needin' feet all right. Oh, so many charming booties to be made!


PS--I know you've probably been thinking about things other than TV lately, but has anyone told you that Sark is on Heroes now, and Spike is on Without A Trace? (Sark: still hot. Spike, sans platinum hair and British accent? Not so much.)




Fresh baby! Congrats! What a darling!


Love that the baby inspires photo shoots of such a high quality. Can't wait to see the baby adorned!

And to reply to Ashley--when I flipped by and saw Sark on Heroes (playing a man who would later become a Japanese hero), I stopped!! I didn't realize Spike was on another show. I have no idea when Without a Trace is on, but I'm going to have to find it. . .


Great photo. Have you done a footprint?


Hee, what sweet little feet :) Many, many congratulations!


So sweet! Many many blessings!


Perfect little feet! Congratulations again :)


He is beautiful!

Congratulations! Such a cutie.

You must be so happy to finally have him here.


Those feet are toooooo cute!! Kiss 'em lots!! :-)

pamela wynne

Hee! That's how I felt this weekend seeing my niece's naked feet. I'll be seeing you in Bootietown.


so cute! wrinkly and smooth and white and pink and chubby and skinny at the same time


Delurking to say congratulations! What a beautiful baby :)


Blank canvas, indeed!

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