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Way to go for loving the wrong side. I think it's perfect. I'm on the way to the craft store for a zipper for my tomten from earlier in the year. Thanks for reminding me!

Just wondering, is that an applied i-cord border?


W O W, it's GORGEOUS! Love the colors!


Perfect combo of colors, and beautiful texture with the wrong side. It fits him so perfectly. Love that back shot, and that gorgeous hair.


Very cute! How's the length? I made one for Gus & had to rip a ton off before finishing. Maybe I did something wrong.


The stripes are killing me as is your American Boy Posse that's about to get bigger!:)


Love it!!


It looks great! And such an adorable model too!


That is totally rock star. I love the colors and really love that you put the wrong side out. It is just lovely!


Darling! I love the shot by the window, but the lollypop shot just captures life. :)


The Tomten is just perfect! Hope you're staying comfortable and cool as you wait for the Fricklet to appear :)


This is awesome! I love how there are so many different ways this pattern can be knit.

I'm knitting a Tomten right now and seeing yours makes me want to start another more stripey version too!


Wow. Just wow. Your Tomten, that bad-ass Tomten model over in Flickr, and the photography. The applied I-cord is a great finish on your Tomten -- I need to learn how to do that stat.


The wrong side is definitely the right side.

My favorite thing about th lollipop shot? The way the Biscuit is desperately trying to draw your attention to something super-important just to the right of the frame. "Mom! Point it over THERE! OVER THERE!" One can only imagine: Sasquatch? A bear? Sasquatch wrestling a bear?


Tomten looks great! Love the color combo you chose. The biscuit looks fab in it!


So sweet! The Biscuit is a rockstar! Maybe, one day, he'll be on Rock of Love???


i love this jacket! i almost want to make one for myself :)


Most excellent. Love the blond curls.


So cute!!!

Karen B.

Dang, girl! The Fricks *so* rock the hizzouse, mes oui?!


ooh, that is an awesome Tomten. And I totally love that picture with the lollipops - they do look SO rock 'n' roll.

But, methinks you can squeeze a Juliet in before it's time...JULIET! It's so fast, seriously, I just got back from the mountains and I'm almost done with the garter stitch part.


I love the wrong side on garter stripes, too. I keep meaning to design a sweater of them, but haven't yet. Hmm, an adult Totem? With the vampire collar, of course.

So how much yarn does Cobblestone really take? I ordered 12 balls to make a small scoop-necked version for myself. I have 6,000 spaces to go before I'm on Ravelry.

Miss Scarlett


Look at the curls on your little rock star.
So sweet.

I wish BT would write up the adult pattern - I am nowhere near knitter enough to understand his modifications. Yipes.

Christy/ Not Hip

P-funk keeps his hair short now, but when I fell in love with him, he also rocked the floofieness. Here's to floofy hair and rockstar kid's tomtems.
Looks great.


love it! your rock stars look excellent in their little knitted love letters. good luck with the "going any day now" stuff too. can't wait to hear about the safe arrival of your next little rock star.


I love the jacket, and the colors look so beautiful together too. Love the curls too, could be your own rockstar one day!

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