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Kaitie Tee

But look at how great your feet look! My friend is having twins and isn't due for another few weeks. Her feet are so swollen she can't even wear shoes. It looks completely painful.


Considering I just had a melt-down with the lawn mower, I can only imagine what being 40-weeks pregnant feels like right now. Maybe the beer will actually induce the young man to make an appearance. And, they don't get any hotter (or "badder" for that matter) than Sark . . . oh how I miss thee! Hang in there!


Oh GOD that Pilsner Urquel looks so frosty and delicious, and you have very regal feet for a 40-weeks pregnant woman...


*sigh* my mom keeps telling me that I was two weeks late, and I keep hoping that this baby won't follow suit! Here's hoping yours doesn't either :)


beautiful pedi :) you're right... i clicked over thinking "oh! baby!" but love the mental image of you in the safeway with beer + flipflops.


Sark! Sark! Sark! Yes please. See, this is why Deadwood was great--because everybody was a villain, and kind of hot under all that dirt. (I'd say under all that facial hair, except for Wolcott and his hot, hot beard.) And I have quite the soft spot for Richard III myself.

Do you think we can work some kind of mojo where if _I_ eat pumpkin pie, it will make the baby come?


Wow, your feet actually look like feet! Esp. after my delivery, etc, I had severe elephant feet for a week that actually extended all the way to my knees. Thank goodness the swelling finally went down, and now I desperately want a pedicure. I am hoping to sneak out sometime this week for one!
Hope Fricklet comes soon! Can't wait to see him!


Oh what I wouldn't give for a pedicure AND a Pilzner Urquell right about now. . .
Come on little Fricklet, Mommy's waiting!

Karen B.

I predict you will go into labor as soon as Sark comes back to us via "Heroes" September 24 season premiere.

One "bad boy" to bring on another :o)


Hi! I found your blog through KarenJoSeattle, and it's delightful! Both your knitting and photography of said knitting are great. Good luck with the Fricklet! =)


i totally clicked in the hopes the new one has arrived! Boy he is taking his sweet time... ;-) Sorry Juliet has been ripped!! Such sweet sorrow. Tis meant for another knit that polar is.

Love the toes.


I actually like the idea of a whole line of knitting designs based on the historical plays. But possibly more as a concept than I would like the actual patterns.
We're all thinking contractiony (and short labory) thoughts for you.

karen à Toronto

1st comment on your blog (I've been reading, and waiting ;o) for a long time)
I wish you a wonderful delivery. can't wait to see the baby ;o)


Thanks for the book info. Animal Veg. Miracle wasn't as scary cautionary. I can still eat something after reading it.

Great pedicure! Nothing like looking at pretty toes while pushing.

pamela wynne

Spike!! Sark!! ...
and Marc Antony? as in Marcus Antonius?

Excellent, and totally hilarious, wrap-up of the Nestle book. :)


I have a friend who swears by MSG to bring on labor. I tried it with #3 and had her the next day. But I did have to work a little hard to find a restaurant who would say, "yes we have MSG in our food."

You have such an exciting time ahead of you. I love the first few weeks of a baby. So sweet. Enjoy.


Oh, poor you! Let's hope your Fricklet arrives soon!

We all look forward to hearing from you again when the Fricklet arrives!

I'm so totally naming a sweater Richard III. I don't know how I can do this, but I so want to now. Just because you said nobody in their right mind would. :)


Looking forward to meeting the Fricklet. The full moon is Wednesday...Like you didn't know this already!)


I think the pedicure is worth the wait for Fricklets arrival


I guess the Fricklet just really didn't want to be a Virgo. I'll be thinking contractile thoughts for you today!

Have you seen the film adaptation of Richard III with Ian McKellen? I'm not a huge fan of Shakespeare movies in general, but this one is brilliantly done.


Good to see I'm not the only one who understands the importance of having pretty toes during delivery. ;)

Sending you easy labor vibes...good luck!


That little guy is keeping not just you waiting, but all of us as well!

I will keep coming over here wishing and hoping until I see a new post. :)


I keep swinging by to check to see if the Fricklet is here yet. Soon I hope!


It got to the point where I was watching those shows only for Spike and Sark.

It's all about the eggplant dish. My friend ate the eggplant on Saturday and had her baby on Sunday. Eggplant my friend, I am a believer in its magic.

I heart your pretty toe action.


I can see you now! Can't wait to hear about the safe arrival of the fricklet. Thanks for your link to me in the nursery post. Unfortunately, travel and fried routers have forced my blog onto a two week hiatus! hopefully, people will refind me when I get back to it next week. Enough about me, happy baby having!

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