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Ooooo it looks so cozy in there - I want to come over and take a nap ;). Best wishes to you and your growing family - and good luck in the delivery room!!!



Good stuff, there, lady. Good stuff. Love the brightness of it all. No namby-pamby pastels for the Fricklet, no sir.



Oh, what a lucky little Fricklet, to get such a nice corner of the Big Outside as his first landing spot.

Wait, I mean *coughcough*, NO, no, it's really ugly out here, you couldn't possibly want to come out.

Christy / Not Hip

Man, I'm positively turning Chocqua at the sight of that quilt. What a fun and beautiful room!
I'm sure that will work. A little reverse psychology is good for all.


You're on the right track. I also suggest that you tell all and sundry that "you are not ready for this child to come yet" or "we can't have a baby now ... all our childcare is lined up for after the (date of your choice)".

Worked for us.


If that room were in my house I would never leave it, I would be like that character in 'The Apartment'. WOW!!!

Lynn in Tucson

That's the most beautiful nursery ever, and so full of handmade love!
I'll be thinking of you.


I love the cute little Fricklet's nursery! Come out, come out and play with us!


!Smooth Delivery Vibes to Adri!

And Fricklet's nursery is so cute! The blanket is sweet, the softies are adorable, and that quilt Ashley sent is beautiful! And such generosity!

Fricklet is going to have such a nice nest to come home to. :)


What great loot! Now all you need is a baby. Come on, Fricklet!


What a beautiful, peaceful room. Is it wrong to envy a baby not yet born?

Karen B.

But it's good to be green! All that's missing from the tableau is Fricklet.

Karen B.

But, it's good to be green! Now all that's missing from this sweet tableau is baby.


awww, the room is so sweet with all the handmade goodness!

oh, little one, what are you waiting for? :)


I'm totally hiring you to do my kid's room. Seriously. Wonderful!


*sending smooth delivery vibes to your friend*

The nursery looks lovely! All that cool artwork! And you're right - Ashley's gorgeous quilt and Tulane do match.

Hope the Fricklet makes his appearance soon.


ooh the fricklet is spoiled before even being here!

well done. and what a coup! getting the ashley quilt. she's pretty cool i do have to say.


Wow, you are so prepared! The Fricklet will be a happy baby in a colorful world!


Wow, wow, wow. Gorgeous stuff, all of it, but I am esp. green over the amazing quilt from Ashley. I would've cried over finding that in the mail, too. Awesome! Lucky little Fricklet. Lucky mama, too!


Yeah for Steve Keene - and thanks for the reminder to get mine unpacked and hung. Come on out, little Fricklet - there's a lovely world waiting....

Miss Scarlett

Goodness what a lovely, homey, welcoming room. Everything looks so cuddly and soft.

Fricklet! If you had any idea what was waiting for you...

rachel i

that is the craftiest nursery yet. and the quilt? could it be more perfect? you are blessed indeed.

fricklet might want to come out to enjoy all the craftiness!


Bright colors are supposed to be best for babies, I think Fricklet is all set.

A local friend of mine is at T minus 10 days to "blast off" she is making some sort of spicy eggplant dish (that people swear makes pregnant women go into labor) if her kid isn't out by the weekend... So yes, you could try eggplant(http://www.wchstv.com/gmarecipes/eggplantparmigian.shtml). Or not.

pamela wynne

So, would you consider adopting? Because if Fricklet is happy in his current utero-home and doesn't wanna uproot, I happen to know a 29 year-old knitter with a serious case of house and quilt-lust who would happily take his place.

So, yeah, Fricklet: don't come out. ;)


The room looks so cozy! (And that quilt, wow!)

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