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How much more do you have left? Kudos to you for being ready! Monkey came two weeks early, so I had my bag only half-packed. I was running around my house, dripping amniotic fluid, trying to find the last few things to throw in there. hehe.
The socks are adorable! I may have to make a few of these - it seems everyone around me is breeding and I'm getting tired of knitting baby hats.


oohhh!! those socks are so cute. i hope you have a safe and healthy delivery! I cannot wait to meet Fricklet!!


Yeah, I'd pick Happy Valley over Flames too. Wishing you a very happy, fire-free birth.


Sending best wishes that Fricklet arrives without too much ado and that Mama Frick will be well. Love the bodacious baby socks!


May your assaults be swift, delicate and few. Tick, tick, tick...


Oh the socks are too cute!


So soon! I'm excited for you. The Fricklet's feet will be well-warmed when he comes out.

The Feminist Mafia

Feet up Fricklet!
And you too mama. ;-)


The fricklet feet are going to be so warm and stylish!


Yes to the Lansinoh, love that stuff. And I agree with a ban on all magazines that talk about celebrity bs. We'll all be pulling (but sadly not doing the pushing) for you!


Wonder Time! I love that magazine, Cookie is a pretty good one too. And yay(!) for Mim's baby socks. I started one this morning because I was sick of sleeves and it knit up...in no time at all. Here, here on the Lansinoh (or Lansin-yes, as it is known in these parts). I hope the Fricklet wants to meet you so badly he wastes no time messing about.


Don't forget the IPod!! I love the socks! Best wishes to your family, whenever the day arrives, I'm sure you'll be ready! :-)


Those socks are too cute!

I was reading too fast and thought - hey, another person who uses Lansinoh as lip gloss ... it's great for dry, cracking lips as well as dry cracking other things.
That stuff is fabulous!


Eeeek! Getting down to the wire! How exciting!


You sound so organized already. What gorgeous cute little baby socks, and I am sure that your baby will need quite a few pairs so it is all good.


I don't think you're forgetting a single thing, except maybe a good chap stick, unless you use lip gloss/chap stick interchangeably. You probably won't reach for anything else in your bag, cause you'll be so busy and tired.


those baby socks knit up really fast, no? :) they're on and off the needles in no time. sounds like your bag is perfect for staying at the hospital. i can't think of anything you're missing.


Well I hope the little Fricklet makes his debut before you finish Juliet!
Love the belly shot!

Karen B.

I am over the moon with the belly and socks!

All appendages crossed for the softest possible baby landing. You hear that, Fricklet?


Such cute socks. When my Bloglines told me you had posted my immediate thought was, Oooo, I wonder if she has given birth?!!!

Soon now. Sound like you are well-prepared.

brenda in toronto

keeping my fingers crossed for you, mama J, for a smooth, easy delivery! can't wait to meet the fricklet :)


i have no idea what one brings to hospital when giving birth. my best friend brought a gallon of gatorade-thingy-drink but ended up vomiting non-stop so that didn't quite work out. with the sock mania you've got going i'd maybe pack a few more balls of yarn ;-)

tvi tvi, dear juliƦ!


Hopefully you won't be able to finish too many pairs before the little one comes along.

pamela wynne

YES to the rejection of elitist, judgey breastfeeding romanticizers. and YES to those adorable little socks!! Take care. :)


Nice bag goodies. I was so out of it while packing my bag (while in labor, of course....don't want to plan too early!) that I totally didn't bring a THING to do, like knitting or reading. Silly me. I also didn't think we'd be in the hospital for five days.....Hope you're well. Maybe little Fricklet is here now!!

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