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The last few days of waiting are the hardest. Hope it won't be too long before the Fricklet makes an appearance. Peace, health and a safe delivery. Oh, and all the pickles and ice cream you can eat!


What a wonderful post title & theme!

I hope the little Fricklet doesn't keep you waiting too long. Good luck with all of the dilation, effacement and cervical softening!


Where's the pickle? I want to see a pickle with that ice cream!

(Says the girl who was idly wondering about the odds of parthenogenesis as she was eating pickles for breakfast.)


Yummy! Hope all goes well with the little Fricklet's arrival. Best wishes!


You've got me bursting at the seams with excitement! Yay, newest Frick! If that Fiberlicious photo doesn't lure him right out, I don't know what will.

Happy and loving thoughts coming your way for the lil one's arrival.


Mmm a cold dish of ice cream on a hot day, delicious. Sending cool breezes your way!


I cannot tell you how jealous I am. I hope, when it happens, it goes really really quick.


Going early, but not too, is a rather nice trend. I hope Fricklet knows about the trend set by Biscuit and follows suit. Nice ice cream, by the bye.


Oh that ice cream/yarn looks soooooo good. For some reason I thought you were due before me (I'm the 13th), so you still have some time.....the not knowing when it's going to happen is crazy though, huh??


oooo I'm so jealous. 8 days early is perfect. "Cooked" enough so you are not worried, but not making you wait around either. My two were 3 and 5 days "late". :/

Good luck!


It's a race to the wire ... I wonder which of us will pop first?

In the meantime, can you pass some of that ice cream over here?


Sorry, I'm too busy collecting myself off the floor to make a witty comment. Your post title floored me!

It's a good thing that you came up with that moniker yourself, cause I have a feeling if Mr. Frick called you that, he might have regretted it for a bit ;)

Christy/ Not Hip

Enjoy your last few pickle and ice cream eating days.

Liz K.

Enjoy these last few days as a family of 3. All the best for a safe and happy birth and baby.


I thought your next post was going to be sporting Fricklet pics! I'm really excited for you! Scuze me while I get some ice cream:)


I haven't been keeping up with blogs since my little lady arrived but I have been thinking about you guys. Hope you are feeling well and enjoying those last days of pregnancy. Happy belated birthday to Biscuit :-)


MMM, ice cream. What is it with pregnant women and ice cream? I am in my 8 month and I think that constitutes my diet that and ritz crackers. I cant seen to get enough of them.

Miss Scarlett

Brilliant Fibrelicious pic.
Mmmm. Now I want ice cream.

Passions & Distractions

Cutest! Pictures! Ever!

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