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What a lil' heartbreaker. That story brought tears to my eyes. Soooo sweet.
The sweater is perfect.


I love this story. I have to remember it when we have our next one.

And I wasn't going to comment b/c I'm a bloglines reader (such a bad excuse), but I laughed out loud at the "flowers for Algernon" part. That is true on so many levels. One-handed typing AND baby brain. Sometimes I think I need an IEP.


Oh my, I am so late! Big congrats!

I can tell by your words that you are a most kind, wise, and wonderful mum :)


Regular lurker here. I can so relate to you missing your son and I just want you to know you're not alone. No one prepares you for it. I spent all kinds of time worrying I couldn't love two, how to make sure older was included in things, juggling, etc. But I never realized my relationship with my first born would be forever changed. It's a good change, after time, and I love watching him be a big brother, but it was so hard at first. Several days after I brought the baby home from the hospital my oldest became dreadfully ill (flu stuff) and my husband took care of him. I cried so hard that I was not doing my job as his mother. You will have some struggles with this, I'm sure, but then you will come through it and your new relationship with him will be priceless. And those days of only being three will seem so long ago and empty because you can't imagine your family without the fourth. I will always hold a special place in my heart for those first 20 months of motherhood and I grieve the loss of it, but I am so much richer now. And four in the bed? It's possible. And it will happen. More than you can imagine!

Enjoy your boys.


I will admit that when I retold that story to folks at EH, I teared up... good thing I only had one!


What a sweet story. It brought tears to my eyes.

My, what a cutie he is!


Oh, the heart-rending-ness of children. My older one, 4-1/2 when #2 was born, seemed sorta down/worried one day. I cuddled him in the big chair and got him to say what was bothering him: Do you still love ME? Of course, you silly boy, I'll ALWAYS love you.

One thing that took me by surprise when #2 was a few weeks old: I had thought a lot about my relationship with #2, my husband's relationship with #2, and of course #1's relationship with #2. Then one day I saw #2 watching #1 with great interest. I had totally forgotten about #2's relationship with #1! The learning never ends...


Print this post out on acid-free paper and tuck it into the Biscuit's baby book, so he can read it later and, at first, be all "moooom," but later, he'll cry every time. I'm sure crying right now! Beautiful post.


You have such a big heart,and I just love this post so much.


Oh dear, what a beautiful post. And what a perfect sweater on a perfect little boy! Take care!

Karen B.

How fortunate for the Biscuit and Fricklet to have a mom who cares as much as you do! I second Mintyfresh's suggestion. This post is a keepsake.


I tried to respond several times, but between the "I know what you mean" crying and typing one-handed, I was being very incoherent.

Transitions are hard. Even happy ones.


So beautifully said. My oldest is sixteen, and I still feel the same way.

liz in CT

That made me cry a little too - and I'm at work!
The Biscuit is so cute in his new sweater!


*sniffle* What a lucky biscuit to have a mom that loves him so much!


Lovely, and a lovely sweater!


I've been getting more & more emotional about this issue with each kicking & day marked off the calendar. Thanks for putting into words.

Miss Scarlett

Oh - this post teared me up. Is there room indeed. Your answer is beautiful. The sound of a glacier breaking apart - is there a harder job than being a Mom?

The pictures of the Biscuit are so beautiful. HE is beautiful. His lovely curly hair.

btw - Flowers for Algernon tore my heart apart when I read it in Grade 5 -- but your reference is funny!

I love the colours you used for his Drive Thru - they suit him quite well.

I also just realized that in an earlier comment I mistakenly referred to Fricklet as the Biscuit (guess I was thinking of one-in-the-oven which could be how he got that blog name in the 1st place) Sorry about that!


you have your priorities in teh right place :) and biscuit will know it as will fricklet!


i hope that the biscuit will read this years from now and realize how much his mama loves him :)


That sweater is gorgeous, and Biscuit is too cute! I was about Biscuit's age when my little brother was born...I wonder if I ever said anything like that to my Mom...I'll have to ask. =)


DO NOT EVEN PLAN TO RESPOND TO THIS COMMENT! (that's me being forbidding). My boys are three years apart, and I, too, have a heart-tearing memory of Elder Son racing up to the bed where Younger Son was lying, for the first time, and everyone gasping, "Careful!!!" and the look on his face. . . . OUCH. Yet I deeply believe that it is such an important lesson for kids to learn, that they aren't alone, aren't #1, even as I cried then and still tear up.

SO. Relax. Enjoy. Do what you can. And welcome to the Two Boys Club!


this post made my heart melt. i am sure that biscuit knows how special he is to you... and that sweater will remind him every time he puts it on that he is wrapped in love!


lovely post. what a wonderful mother those handsome boys have. i mean honestly, knitting while in contractions!? Mama Frick, you are my hero.


Beautiful sweater, gorgeous post. A good friend just had her second three months ago. The other day, she told me that having a second was definitely much harder on her as a parent than on her eldest. I think we mommas are too good at beating ourselves with guilt. I mean, seriously, you were in labor and still managed to finish up a sweater for him. If that ain't lurve, I don't know what is.

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