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Thank you for starting my Monday off with a good laugh.

(and as much as I adore Anthony Hopkins - Fricklet is soooooo much cuter!)

Karen B.

Anthony Hopkin's voice mentally juxtaposed with the face of your Fricklet? Aeeey!

Hope things are calming down a bit and that all is well (or at least on the runway to well).


ACK!!! how is it that such cute little things produce such loud Loud noises?
big hugs and kisses to the fricklet duo. :o)ek.


Hello, baby. Keep growing; you should find more fun ways to occupy your time soon.


A screaming baby, a contented baby -- I had one of each, and each one grew into more-or-less the opposite temperament. Be careful what you wish for :-)


Oh that is creepy! The fricklet is way cuter than Anthony Hopkins! What a doll!


just the name clarice gives me shivers ... and i just noticed that it rhymes with maryse ...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Wow, a Halloween-appropriate baby photo post! Who knew it was possible!

I second what Victoria said, creepy, but oh so cute!

Miss Scarlett

I hope so - at least for your sake.


God bless the binky.


Maybe some fava beans and nice chianti would help...


BWAH! He's totally going to eat your liver later, isn't he.


Thank goodness for pacifiers right?



Now I'm scared!


umm, this really made me smile after a long hard day with my twins. thanks.


There's a reason my father-in-law calls it "the plug"


OMGosh! I can't stop laughing now!


Sweet baby! "It puts the lotion on its skin." (to say during diaper changes)


HAHAHA!!! Hilarious!


:) Ok, you made me giggle before 7am. I didn't think it possible! Here's hoping my little Mango is a good sleeper, good eater, and in a good mood all the time. What? I have a few more months to fool myself, right?


Not in our house, they haven't.

Passions & Distractions

Hilarious! (now that I've finally seen the movie except for the end where the VHS tape is wonky, but I will watch that at some point!)


yes, thank god for binkies!


We have a love/hate relationship with the pacifier. The kid doesn't actually need it any more, he just wants it...because... When we spell it, he gets excited because it is the only think he can spell...B-I-N... stupid pacifier.

kelly jo

I'm right there with you...our little Bub is 6 days old, and the nurses were laughing at her scream when she was born. There is no such thing as a whimper in this house!

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