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The knitting needle bag that was on knitting daily? I dunno, but that vest is too cute!


Since I just finished some, I'm going to guess Christmas stockings.


The back to school vest from fitted knits


Some type of knitted toy? The vest is cute!


Um, a yoda baby hat? I saw someone on Ravelry did one and used diluted white glue to stiffen the ears.


Perhaps the Fibertrends Huggable Hedgehogs?


Seconding Yoda. I came across the Ravelry suggestion when I was considering knitting one for my nephew.

Then I crapped out and just bought him a monkey suit from Old Navy. I'm a lame aunt.

kelly jo

Okay - as a new mama, I must know...how do you manage to knit while b-feeding!? I need to know these things or I'll never have another finished item!


I can't imagine- but who ever said stockings might be right- washable glue would be no help on an item that does get washed?!


Woodins from the latest Knitty?


enduring, what, you?? nah! my posts are always lame ;-) i'm guessing some sort of toy also although not to specific on which once.


You made a glue bottle cozy? haha

Christy / Not Hip

You took the time to take pretty photos, though. Isn't that all that really matters?
Oh, and I'm guessing the log cabin blanket.


socks! Anastasia socks.


that makes me think of those cheese cloth ghost halloween decorations that you make stiff with some kind of glue concotion. I suppose you could totally complicate that craft by knitting your own cheese cloth!


I'm going to also guess the yoda hat. I think that stiffening up the ears with the diluted glue is sheer genius. I might make my little guys endure wearing a hat for that one.


well, i kind of cheated because i read the comments first, but i also think it's the yoda hat as i know that the fricklet is going to be yoda for halloween (i remember the cute sweater). and as halloween is almost upon us and i haven't seen a yoda hat--that is my guess. thanks people for the ravelry comment. i hadn't seen the glue thing on on ravelry yet. can't wait to see pics of the boys in their costumes.

Liz K.

I have no idea and thus have no claim on what I am sure is an amazing sock stash. Can't wait to find out, though.


You? Lame post? Not a chance! I ditto the yoda hat.

Donna B.

Felted clogs! The glue is to make the bottoms less slippery. Somehow. That's my lame guess.

Julie B

Yoda hat! Hope you guys have a great Halloween!


I'm guessing it's the Yoda hat.


Ariana. Although man, this was tough. Long time reader and I had a tough time thinking of the patter. Although the sock yarn was way too tempting to resist....


Dang, I was going to say the yoda hat too! I came across it looking for a hat to knit for my friend's baby (her first!) due in February.

Ooh, and I see that you made the Baby Yoda II sweater for the Fricklet...with an interesting note...Gotta love Ravelry. ;)

I love the suggestion of a glue bottle cozy. Too funny. =)

Miss Scarlett

Does that glue have something to do with knitting with sore ta-ta's?

I'm going with the Yoda hat too. Do we get to see Fricklet dressed up?? Please say yes.

btw - not a lame post - even without the contest - and none of us are clicking away!

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