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I sooooo love your blog!

Thanks once again for starting my day off with a good laugh. And now, how will I prevent this from running through my head all day?!?!?!?

Yo-da...Y-O-D-A...Yoda..Yo-yo Yo-yo Yodaaaa!


Yoor blog, lame?? OK, that pic of Biscuit in the queer pride clown wig has made me intensely happy!


Can I imagine? NO! But partially because I think everything in the 70's was deep brown and burnt golds and stuff... oh, wait, those colors are represented. Just whatever you do, don't tell Seth. For some reason I was fixating on our vastly opposed decorating preferences as I rode to work this morning. He loves old ceramics and I love, well, pink. and pretty stuff. But not ugly-pretty. YOU KNOW.

lahdidah tired. Your babes are darling, darling.

Karen B.

Poor, cranky Y-O-D-A :o(

Super-cutey, though, right along with his big brotha Biscuit T. Clown.

You and Mr. Frick sure make awdorable kidlets.


The Biscuit does rainbow fright wigs but not hats? Kids are such a mystery. And your Yoda--he looks great!


It looks to me like Fricklet is the one who doesn't *do* hats. Cute, though. And Biscuit is rockin' the wig!


I love how the ears are bigger then fricklet's little wee head! So cute!!


Those are two very precious costumes! Bravo for the brave Biscuit!


Happy Halloween! The kidlets look great! I LOVE the Yoda costume. Love it.

I think my mom had a dress made with that same material :-)


i think i'm the one with the lame blog these days. love all your adorable pictures and had to sing along to Weird Al's YODA/LOLA. only you would think to use weird al to so perfectly narrate your photos. love both costumes. you do have two adorable children.

Knitting Bandit

Yoda Costume I love.


Wow, that is a pretty perfect coincidence! My car is actually named Lola after that very song, :). Love the Yoda costume!


Oh, too cute. Both of them.


I love me some Weird Al. And also adorable kids in Halloween costumes. Both costumes are fabulous!


Cutest Yoda ever. Biscuit as a 70s styled clown? Even cuter!


omg. Fricklet the Babe as YODA is too cute. with his face all scrunched up like that, he looks even more like YODA!!! :o)
and Biscuit?! tooooo CUTE!!! oh geez the cuteness is leaking out of the computer now...


Now those are some cute kids! Love the crying yoda eyes!


Oh what an adorable yoda your son makes. I love the clown outfit too, so bright and cheerful. I bet he had a great Halloween.


Seriously, the Biscuit needs to stop making those hammy faces, because they keep melting my heart ever so slowly. Good to hear that he made a respectable haul...is he the type of kid who eats it all in one go, or schedules it? My little brother was known for stretching his Halloween haul all the way out until the next year, he was so sparing with it.

And the Fricket is about the cutest Yoda I've ever seen. And just think about the blackmail possibilities that photo will bring when he starts dating! ;)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go remove "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..." from my head.


Yeah! As I said in my email, lovely surprise! I'm finally a blog winner.

I'm pretty sure that there's a picture of Ava & I in a very similar clown costume.

pamela wynne

Woo hoo!! Babies make the *best* Yodas -- all pure and wise and stuff. Congrats, Lola!


I wouldn't keep reading if it was lame. :) That outfit is HILARIOUS and SOO CUTE! I LOVE IT!

Miss Scarlett

This is one of the best posts I have read - bar none!

The baby, the clown wig, the yoda hat, the weird al-ness. Fabulous.

Poor little Yoda. :-(


Man, Fricklet is just the cutest. The Biscuit is pretty adorable too. ;) I'm still getting a kick out of the thought of that fabric in large quantities on a ceiling tent. Yikes!

And your blog is not lame. It's lovely. =)


OMG! I'm hysterical again with babies in costumes.

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