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I catch myself wishing for things like that too. and then I tell myself, this wonderful time won't last forever (the clock is slowly ticking for me to go back to work), I should just enjoy sitting on the couch all day, milking and holding my babe. Who cares if the litter box needs to be changed......


Here's a dum dum story you'll appreciate:

G and I are babysitting my sister's three kids for the weekend (YES - the ENTIRE weekend.) The 2 yr old is melting down something fierce and I'm doing all the right things - leaving him be to get it out of his system - making sure he can't hurt himself - blah blah blah.

My sister happens to call at just this moment and I tell her what's going on. Her response? "Did you give him a lollipop?"

What? I didn't know this was an acceptable option! Later that day we ran into one of my sister's friends at the playground. I told her the dum dum story and she laughed saying, "Yeah. I see that kid with a lot of lollipops!"

I think I'll start stashing them in bulk. Thanks for the heads up!

PS - Fricklet's looking a bit blonde there! Another one huh. ;-)


I imagine you'll be having both firsts and lasts for a good while yet. I'm glad you're taking the time to enjoy them! Oh, and that last picture is just beautiful.


Don't worry, it only gets better with time. My babies are growing up so fast, but each day they are more and more clever. You'll see.

One thing I do is take my boys aside on his birthday and tell him every last thing about the day he was born. He hears it each year and never get tired of it.

Just this morning I sang songs to them that I sang when they were babies and they laughed at me. I guess it's still ok at 8 and 10, maybe they won't like it at 15. :)


I love that when I click on the link for the definition of "stash" I'm urged to "Stash online. Shop Target-dot-com." Because that's the only store that's more dangerous to my bank balance than my LYS.

I'm stashing baby moments here, too. They're sweeter than candy corn.


The biscuit is after my own heart - I love organizing and reorganizing things! Eat them, no way! Not have any left to play with? I see his lollipops are like your yarn stash, J!

Yes, you have it right. I always knew that I would have 4 kids so I don't think I quite appreciated all these moments as well as I should have. The last one and all his moments nearly did me in. I pined for another wee one to enjoy!


that is the sweetest picture of the fricklet...
and the biscuit and his bouquet of dumdums?! LOVE IT!!! a boy after my own heart... ;)


Honestly Julie, you write some of the most beautifully poignant posts. But I do wonder, did Mr. Frick not know about the actual purpose of the Dum Dums? Funny.


my hubby would have done the same thing! We are just getting into the dum-dum phase here. I seriously bought them to give away this year knowing we would have leftovers and the little one would go ape-poop over them. *My one concern - the sticky factor - what is the best clean up strategy?


Smart lady, enjoy all those precious firsts.

Thanks for the reminder, too.


Just this morning I was sitting in quiet contemplation of the rainbow yarn cabinet (cleverly positioned so I can gaze at it from my pillow) and wondering how I could ever possibly knit any of it--because then I wouldn't _have_ it any more! Definitely, it's better off being saved for later.

Unlike a dum-dum, which is better off being eaten RIGHT NOW, particularly if it's pineapple or cream soda. You can bribe me with one of those any ol' day.


That's such a cute story. Especially the lollipop bouquets, made me say, aww.


From the look Fricklet's face, the thought in mind is, What in h3ll is Mom gonna do with all that yarn?


You bring back memories of laying in the hospital, two newborn babies nestled close to me and begging them not to grow up too fast. But they do, and they did. You are wise to cherish each moment. There are many years ahead of waiting in the carpool line, or at a soccer game, or in a music lesson to get the knitting done.

I don't blame the Buscuit. I don't think I could resist all the allure of all of those flavors either. It really isn't the eating, it's the having. That is what hording is all about.


Friclet's finger on your chin is priceless.

Liz K.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the gift of the second child. You know (a little more) what you are doing, you are less stressed, you know everything is a phase and that soon enough, they will be too big to sleep in your arms. Enjoy it. Some day, you'll have plenty of time to knit.

That final photo is simply precious.


What a beautiful reminder - one that I can take to heart! With 8 weeks to go, I'm starting to yearn for the end of pregnancy and 'just can't wait' to start being a mom! But all of this will not be shiny and new next time - I would do well to stop and reflect on the joy and the miracle of this pregnancy... and enjoy the little time I have left! Thank you!


What a wise mom ...


What a poignant post. You are an inspiring writer. Who the hell cares if we see knitting again? Oh, yes, you would care. ;)


Perfect. All of it.


Your humor and sentiment mesh perfectly. You often bring me to tears & make smile at the same time. It feels good to know that someone else gets all mushy & wrecked over the same things as me & that I am not alone (see: Heartbreaker).
btw: New to your blog & really enjoy your writing style.

Miss Scarlett

Great things to be hoarding: colours, flavours and yarn --- and all the possibilities.

I love the photo of the your two hoards. Also the one of you and the Biscuit.

I have to tell you - because I subscribe to your blog, I first see the text without the pictures and I thought you were talking about pacifiers. My baby brother called his a Dum-dum. I had no clue there were lollipops called that.
I guess they serve the same purpose ultimately.


Clever mummy... and I love that last photo.


Ah, your magic Dum Dums... that saved my child from a certain melt-down as well. He still says, "But Biscuit's mom gave me a butterscotch lolly pop when we were having a bad day."


You are so RIGHT! I wish I would have enjoyed those stages alot more. They are past now, my girls are 8 1/2 and 6 and I pine for those days.

BTW - I love the way your write your feelings of each moment. I truly feel touched each time I read your posts about your kids.

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