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yay! welcome back. lovely baby and scarf.


Yay! You're back! Your baby is adorable, what a charming smile! Is that a 7th generation diaper? How do you like those, do they blowout for you? We used them exclusively until this past month because of too many blowouts, but I liked them so much despite that :(


It's wonderful to see you back!


Yay! Welcome back.
Lovely scarf. And I may now have to try and work "Big Honkin' Battle Ax of Community" into a sentence this week.


Welcome back! I'm a long time reader, infrequent commenter, and admirer of your blog. I'm glad you're working your way back.


Larissa's patterns never fail to inspire. I love your rendition, as I strongly applaud any and all non-sock sock yarn projects!


WOOOOOHOOOOO! Welcome back!



Welcome Back! I'm a long time reader too, and I have looked forward to your comeback for months, and it was so nice to see a post from you in bloglines. Your baby is too adorable for words!


so glad to have you back!


Yay! You're back!! {{runs up to you to give big hugs}} Glad to hear you're feeling better.


yay! good to see you again. And my goodness...isn't the fricklet the cutest little chunk!?!


welcome back!

love the scarf and oooh, BABY! He's so handsome -- that smile! :)


You've made my day! I'm very happy you're blogging again, and congratulations on coming through it all. Blue skies ahead!


i'm so happy that you are "back", in all senses of the word!

i love the pop scarf, it's so cute!


welcome back, and congratulations on your courageous dragon battle.

brenda in toronto

{{hugs}} MMMMWAH!!! Missed you!



(To be read as soccer announcer calling a goal.)


PS I love your scarf very very much.


YAY! Welcome back! You were missed. :)


Welcome back :)
Love the scarf!


so good to see you. welcome back!

every protagonist has help, no matter the size of one's Sword of Reason or Dagger of Self-Confidence or Shield of Determination. one way or another, every one had help. it's how it should be.

cute scarf and cute baby.


The scarf is lovely and I really like the applique circles on it too, adds a bit of character. Nice to know that you survived the anxiety ride, been there done that although it does pop its head up occassionally. Your baby is just so adorable.


You did kick some ass Lady!
Welcome back soldier.
I love seeing pics of your gorgeous handmade items...especially that last number. I bet he's really soft & snuggly on the neck! ;)
Yummy boy! (That little belly is just asking for a raspberry!!!!)


Great to have you back!
Awesome scarf! And fabulously adorable, chubby baby!

The Feminist Mafia

Hooray! There you are. I thought you'd be back eventually. I had faith. Whatever mechanism worked, I consider this a victory against the evil overlord. Well done, mama. Well done.

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