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very very beautiful! i love the color. it's perfect for that pattern.


Ohh, looks exciting...you're always cooking up something!


That is so pretty.


Oh my wow! That's a lot of yarn.

I love Gretel. Great color.


Great Gretel! I was just given two skeins of Malabrigo worsted in Polar. Hmm...

Fun poem!


such a pretty hat! these days I'm such a sucker for a great hat pattern...


RavelRaiser?!?? Ohboyohboyohboy!!


it's lovely.


Love your Gretel -- that malabrigo is such a great color (and it's cooling off here again tonight, so you should have some chance to wear it)!

and woo! RavelRaiser, fun!


I've been ogling the pictures in your flickr account for days now. Looks like you're up to something good!


Wow - I love your Gretel. And I love the Mmmmmalabrigo. Gorgeous color variation! Excited for the contest! =)

Miss Scarlett

"Think Billy Collins as a dirty old man with less critical acclaim, wearing pajamas and flirting with the former-stripper-turned-writer-for-kids."1
Is it shallow of me that reading that descriptor altered my response to the poem?

Love the colour of your Gretel.

And RavelRaiser?! The name alone is enough to make me smile. The prizes are gorgeous.


Really cool. Reminds me of a sand dollar.


Wow!! That is some prettty amazing loot for the prizes!

Gretle is a beauty! With poetry and Malibrigo in hand you can come late to the party any time!

Laura Sue

A teaser at the end! Yikes. Something tells me I need to check Ravelry a bit more often!


what a lovely gretel!! i love the color, i may need to make another! :-) can't wait to ravel raise!


I just read your Funny Valentine post. What a heart-warmer!
You gretel looks so elegant yet squishable, the perfect combination, lol.


Absolutely gorgeous as always :) I love that color of Malabrigo--it has to be the perfect shades of grey.

Oh and those prizes look divine. I've been drooling over them on Flickr...


Gorgeous Gretel. I'm thoroughly convinced that Malabrigo is the perfect yarn for hats. My brain twitched when it said Gretel got married so she could live happily. A line like is a foreshadowing in fairy tales and real life.


Gretel is fantastic!


That was definitely my stand-out favourite out of all the poems I've seen posted.

Those identi-Kools are gorgeous, btw. The top photo made me smile.


I think I may have found my first malabrigo project now...

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