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Ha-ha! My kids are inventing Lol's all the time.

You look like Ali MacGraw peering out from behind that camera!


this makes me giggle... because I can haz cheezburger is one of my brightspots in any day!


ha ha ha - love the bucket and I heart the LolFricks!


hysterical... i def need to look that one up to get it. i be slow. haha


Hahahaha! They look great!


welcome back Julie!!! I'm so glad things are better for you! YAY! and I love the pictures - and the hat! :)


O.k., I got them all until the last one. I've apparently had one too many somber letters about LICE home from the school nurse, because I read "nitz" as "nits".

And shuddered on your behalf.


The whole Frickfam is so LOLworthy! Love it...


1- You look great!
2- Biscuit looks HUGE!
3- I haz sum ur chzbergr, Mr. Frick?
4- Invisible Fricklet is still cracking me up :-)

You guys are hilarious. We're all about the LOL Cats in this house. My husband has submitted quite a few to the site and also makes them up for Lost.


Very funny! I think the Biscuit says it best.



My dad and I read it every day.

Miss Scarlett

Those are too funny.

You have to check this site out: http://ihasahotdog.com/


Laura Sue

What did I say about crystal clear, inspirational writing? Never mind. I luvs me some lols. Srsly.

brenda in toronto


sue Treiber

Love the invisible fricklet!


Oh my god, you totally DO look like Ali MacGraw! Srsly. Are you secretly Ali MacGraw and you've been holding out on us all this time?


Hilarious! Great hat too... thanks for the Ravelry link - I've added it to the faves!

Sarah R

Hee...too cute. And I am having an unconscionably good time imagining what the Invisible Fricklet's face was doing as the bukkit covered it.


I don't know who Ali McGraw is but you're very pretty :)The bukkit and kiddos are all adorable!


A fun post in which the whole family plays along. Love it. Very funny and very cute!


Careful, a walrus might try to steal that lovely red bucket! Oh noes!


you are looking super beautiful.


Love the bucket. You all look so good in hats too!
Very photogenic family and the biscuit is bound for a modeling career. (baby gap..benneton..look out!)


love your fun pics! by the way, i got a package yesterday. you are the greatest!


Tagged :) if you want.
yours, Eva

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