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What a great post. I wish I had more guy friends like that!


Oh, and Keebler Chachos? Oh my god. I was beginning to think that my sister and I were imagining those. No one seems to remember them except us! Thanks for re-establishing my sanity. The cinnamon ones were damn good. As were the "plain" ones. Mmm...chachos.


What a great post! I love the group shots, and those hats are marvelous.


Wonderful hats for wonderful guys! What a great post.


Kool post!

[New BFF Paris Kool - you crack me up!]

pamela wynne

oh, J, I *love* this post so very much -- and the hats, ofcourse. Makes me want to go crank out new handknits for all my precious BFFs. Thanks.


That is so awesome! :)


Did you say digs Tori?? Oh yeah, he and the rest all sound like major keepers, and they are lucky to have a female friend that 'gets' them.


What an amazing group of BFFs! The hats are pretty cool too.


so awesome! that's pretty sweet that your hubby and you have such great friends! love the post :-)


Love the hats and the post! Thanks for sharing


The hats turned out great, and this post is such a nice testament to friendship. :)


from someone who has the same soft spot in her heart for those guys, that post was beautiful, julie. i always struggle to describe the awesomeness that is that foursome because i fear people will think i'm exaggerating. you did it perfectly. and the hats!


You can add "not embarrassed to cry while reading a knitting blog" to my list of attributes Jules. Thanks for the awesome tribute!


Kool hats for kool guys. They all look fantastic and your little guy is so cute too.


This post put the BIGGEST smile on my face. What a blessing to be surrounded by such wonderful men. The pictures are absolutely priceless as are the friendships.

Tori?! I almost don't believe it ;-)


You have such amazing friends, and you are so amazing to knit for them! I knit Special K a Koolhaas in the Paris Night colorway and it is, indeed, the bees knees. And Keebler snacks, woe. When I was a kid I cracked a molar on some Keebler braid thing. I have never been able to look at those elves without thinking evil thoughts.

Lynn in Tucson

You're a lucky girl, Ms. Frick, but I'm sure you know that.

The fact that my husband still had friends from the 2nd grade was a huge point in his favor!


Ahh...memories. Like you, I spent most of my time in college with my husband and "the guys" and still to this day, those are the ones we keep in touch with (and occasionally get together to play a random game of beer pong with)...great memories, great hats! :)


Poor Mr. ReMango left all of his good friends in Detroit when he moved east... so my friends are now his friends :) I hope he feels the same way you do about your DH's friends! You're one lucky woman to have so many good men in your life!!


i love your post and the pictures just grab my heart...

Haid in Chicago

Wow. I am teary-eyed. I really miss you all.

brenda in toronto

you're one lucky dame.

and i've now lost count how many times one of your posts has choked me up...


What a wonderful bunch. When my brother and I were growing up his friends were that way to me. Not too surprising then that I fell in love with one of them!

Keep them close to your heart. They're worth the effort. What a lovely tribute to them! I wonder if I have anything in the stash to use to do that for my guys? :)


Awww... how sweet! Look at all the cuties in their Koolhauses!

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