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awesome father-daughter venture -- the etsy shop looks great! I collect fun stationery and typically send out notes somewhat regularly.

I don't keep much though -- a few cards from the husband, some letters from my dad (including one poem he wrote for me while I was away at 6th grade camp), a couple of cards from exes. But I sure like to write notes!


Very beautiful stationery. The photos are so dreamy. I too love to write notes and recieve them. I save All of the important ones. Thanks for the reminder!


I sort of miss the giant bag of notes from my first "real" boyfriend (the two before him didn't count, by my own exclusionary principle), but I relish the memory of ridding myself of them at the same time.

I still have a big treasure box nonetheless, and need more notecards, always.


Congratulations on your new venture! How lucky you are to share creative talents with your father!

Your grandmother's tradition of writing to each of her daughers, every week is priceless. My grandfather was a wonderful letter writer. His notes about coming to the US from Germany as a young man are keepsakes that I will pass on to my children.


Congrats on the store, looked great!

I love your stationery box! I collect stationery, not conscientiously, but I've noticed notecards and pretty papers and stickers piling up. I can't resist them! I also can't use them, I don't know why I'm saving them. Sometimes I take a notecard or some pretty paper and frame it, just to remember it later, but usually I store them in a box. Lately, I've learned to use them, and somehow I feel the paper would deserve a better handwriting than mine. Weird, I know :D

But I do wish we could go back to the days when people wrote to one another often and their letters were elegant and pretty. It seems we don't have time for that anymore. It's sad.


Letters are definitely treasure. Could I write a letter today? To whom would I write? One must after all have people to write to...

How about this week? Can I make it "write a letter this week"? I can do that, I think.

Congrats on the Fricknotes venture, and the success of the Ravelraiser!


What delightful cards - hmmm, which one...eenie meenie minie mo! Seriously, love the card - and I truly enjoy snail mail - it is such a lost art. Thank you for the reminder!


My mother also writes all of us once a week. Her mother did the same to her when she moved to this county and wrote her every week for over 30 years. I treasure all of those letters.
Good luck with your new endeavor, very inspired!


Great idea! I love letter writing, but find it frustrating because I have to sit next to the computer to type in words that I'm sure I've misspelled. Ah the dotted red line, you are my crutch.


Deep in the recesses of the basement I have a box of notes from friends and boyfriends in high school. I still write letters, though not as often as I should. I'm kind of sad that today's teenagers won't have those ... unless they print out their IMs and save their text messages!

Lynn in Tucson

The shop looks lovely!

I was shocked -SHOCKED- at the box of letters that my mother confronted me with when I was last home (another of the "I'm tired of storing all your stuff!" tirades). I couldn't believe how many letters high school and colleges friends and I exchanged. Letters! On paper!


I love the yarn cards in your store.

BTW, where did you find that card of colorful handspun yarn in your stash? Is it one of yours? I love it.

And, have you ever thought about doing an "etsy friday" post on your blog where you share your recent etsy finds? Or do you do that already and I'm late to the game? :)


I am so excited about the store, Julie! What an exciting adventure for you and your dad to take together.


Very beautiful stationery. I love your stationery box. And congragulations on your store


Heh...do I have one of those boxes? Honey I have several trunks, hat boxes and train cases!

I'm a former letter writer and current packrat. But this clashes with my need to organize...so many of the boxes have themes. Such as the "Past boyfriends" box or the "school notes and letters" box.

Recently I needed to write a letter and turned to a box similar to yours...full of handmade cards :o)

Love the cards!!! Will be placing an order after I get back from Maryland.


I do have one of those boxes and it's a most treasured possession! Off to write a letter to Italy - rather than an email. Thanks for the push!


What a fun new venture to do with your dad! Congratulations!

Michaela Dollar


My treasure box has the note my husband left in my mailbox in 10th grade breaking up with me! I obviously gave him a second (and third) chance. Sometimes it takes a few tries and years of maturity to get something right!


i love to write letters, and i love to receive them. it really is a lost art, especially since email is just so easy. i do have several boxes filled with letters and cards.


Some of the stationary you shared with me when I bought from your destash are now a part of my station...a few used, a few I'm saving. This sounds like a great venture-congrats!


I JUST replaced the napkins in my napkin holder on the kitchen table with vintage stationary I thrifted and we've been writing letters in the morning or whenever we feel the urge.

I used to write all the time but haven't much since the birth of Jorn and Simonne, feeling like I had to write something important or profound and my mom brain wouldn't function that way. Well, no more! The easy access to the stationary allows me to quickly jot down a "Hello" or "We love you" that is so much more personal than sending emails.

**Love** the Fricnotes, btw!

kelli ann

love the fricknotes. will never despair about finding a use for all of my tresures, until then i hoard away...


i have several small stashes of letters and notes from various people and then one huge stash of letters from my husband. in the five years we were dating, we spent two summers and then two years apart (one year in different countries and one year in different states). when we were apart, we wrote to each other every day and mailed the letters when they got a few pages long. so i now have several boxes of letters from my husband. i may blush one day when my children or grandchildren find them and read them, but i can't bear to part with them. i also have some really great letters from my grandmother who was an amazing letter writer. my favorite is one she wrote her mother while she was away at college (she was a teacher). the letter includes a story of how she and her friend got to ride in a cop car after sneaking into someone's pool for a late night swim. it's pretty funny. anyway, glad to hear we have our letter love in common. from your blog, i can tell you are a great letter writer. the fricknotes are lovely! one day i hope to splurge on some. until then, happy selling and shopping on etsy!


I have one of those boxes! It's full of notes my friends and I stuffed in each others' lockers in high school, class photos of my friends, and games of M.A.S.H.

And I love the cards. You've been added to my very selective "wishlist" folder of bookmarks.


Love the cards! I just ordered your last Fiber Feast set, so you better get some more! :-)

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