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I was about to post on Gretel and this post popped up. Fabulous Gretel, that aside...cowls. I think I would like to play too. Cowl is the new scarf, agreed.

How funny! My friend Jason just told me not to cut my hair this weekend because of "mom hair," too funny.

And Ravelraiser/rouzer, what have you, have I been in some sort of closet with no keyhole? I am so unaware, but rest assured, my calendar has been marked.


Those turned out great! I think my favorite is the Delores Park Cowl. I really like the yarn. And I do love the lip gloss too!


Cowl swap! Awesome idea... especially if it's in Malabrigo :D

Hee! I thought I was the only one with Mommy-hair! My Little Guy used to try to swing from it like a monkey... fortunately instead it became the security blanket...


I love them all, you crazy cowl fiend, but maybe Cherry Garcia the mostest.

Also? COWL SWAP. If you can continue to repress until the dastardly month of April (work-wise only... no offense to April) is behind us, I hereby volunteer to help in whatever capacity might be useful, if that will make this COWL SWAP of which you speak any more likely to come to fruition. :)


Cowl swap? I am so in!

Now, off to purchase some Blackberry lipgloss.


love your cowls. especially the soft drape of the Dolores Park one. your hair looks lovely. if my hair was that shiny and nice i'd grow it out too. the two ponytails look great. i unfortunately have kinky/wavy/uncooperative hair that i keep chopping shorter and shorter in an attempt to have an "easy"
haircut. it's not working. i'm in haircut hell. oh well. such is. i think it probably qualifies as "mom hair" too. uggh! anyway, you look great (and thin). love all the lovely yarn in Ravelraiser. i think i actually drooled a little while looking at it.


All gorgeous! I think it's not fair that we can't get Malabrigo here.


so lovely!! i really love that last one... hmmm! and your hair is awesome! :-) did you hear that Black is the new Black in fashion this fall?? just hysterical.


i'm right there with you on the cowls. i've already made one, and am queuing others on ravelry like crazy. if you should ever get the urge to start a cowl swap, i would so be in!

thanks again for the lipgloss info...i've got a nordstrom visit planned already! :)


Cowl Swap? Sign me up. :) I've come on over to the cowl side, and I like it here! If I could just get on with Raveling it... There's something so casual and stylish about a cowl.


So, so much in life has to failed to live up to my oh-but-all-the-French-girls-do-it hopes of instantaneous chic. I ought to have given up by now. But no! Your cowls are inspiring me anew! (Is it wrong that I keep wanting to type it as "cowel" instead? Like "bowel?")


i'm a big fan of the cowl. and the scarf too (but i'm french -- maybe the chicness is embedded in the gallic genetic code -- i kid).

as for mom hair. my hair has gotten long too as i resist suburban middle-aged housewife hair. (which will certainly end up biting me in the ass).


I may have to come over to the cowl side. I've really been wanting to try a mobius cowl... any of those OTN?


That blackberry lipgloss is my favorite! I've yet to make a successful cowl, although I've tried. Perhaps the missing ingredient is the Malabrigo!


I want me a cowl! Now that we have a dog, scarves are not so good to wear when you bend over to scoop poop. My beloved argosy scarf almost touched poo!


Love the cowls


If there is such a thing as a lip model you should be one. You have the prettiest lips :-)

I **love** cowls. It's been years since I knit a scarf.


Ooh, I've been wanting to make Tudora with some Mmmm Worsted. (Actually, it was supposed to be for Mmmm March, but then school went *crazy* so it didn't happen.) Anyways, now that I know cowl is the new scarf, I have to make one! (Disregarding the fact that it's 82 degrees outside...whatever...perfect wool weather!) Love yours! =)


I hate knitting scarves so I think I can hop on this cowl bandwagon! I have one all ready knit that I can wear for spring. But seeing as spring refuses to come I could do with a wool one.

All of yours are great but the green one especially rocks!


I really must get on this cowl thing. I have an extra skein of Mal Chunky so I will definitely have to make myself one before cool weather comes again! As always yours look gooooorgeous ;)


Hell's bells. I have starteritis currently, and I've got a few cowls in my queue and on the brain, but I think this is going to push me over the edge.

You know, lovely as all the cowls are, I think I like the Dolores Park the best. It really shows off the pretty yarn, and sometimes stockinette really is where it's at.

Great knitting, and I love the yarn choices.


There's a Junkies group? Ah shit, I'm in trouble.


Gorgeous! I have been thinking about these cowls for a while -- I'm starting one today.

brenda in toronto

lurve the cowls, and lurve those ponytails :)


Oh my god. Do I have mom hair? I do. I totally do. I hate my short hair now!

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