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That's pretty nifty about Rav's "green" contributions.

Is there nothing that Malabrigo can't do? Love the cowls - all of them!

Lynn in Tucson

Sigh...it's NINETY degrees here today! I have some handspun (mine!) earmarked for a cowl but it may have to wait a season or two.

Lovely, lovely collection of neckwear, Ms. Frick (and good lipstick)!


Your enthusiasm is catching. I want to knit a cowl - or five - like RIGHT NOW. It's getting warm here too, though!

Congrats on the RavelRaiser success! It's really, really awesome.


Cowl swap?!?! Oh, I am SO there.


You are a force of nature...did you ever think that you'd raise over $50,000? It's unbelievable, and terrible exciting!


Oh yes, I definitely need a green cowl now.


Look at those beautiful cowls. I'm... ah...you know... with envy.


I can't wait for the cowl swap!!!


I know it sounds like I'm sitting opposite you, several drinks down, with possibly a bowl of the aforementioned sitting between us, but damn. You just get more beautiful every day, don't you?

lori z

nicely done with the ravelraiser. its pretty awesome what happens when people work together!


How awesome are you and your dad. I love all the cowls, and what better color than green.


Ooh, so happy to hear about the Ravelry "green" donations!

Love all the green Malabrigo!

I do believe I feel a cowl obsession coming on.


I gotta join the cowl-swap.

But my MAIN reason for commenting was the cameo on the Tudora. That just MAKES the image. So perfect. I love it!

You are so lucky to have such a talented Dad!! (I know about it because I got one too ;)


These are wonderful on you!

Ravelraiser - you're amazing!


Hey, I grew up wearing that exact cameo, passed to my mom from her grandmother. I wonder if she still has it? It is such a nice shade of rosy coral. Good with many colors - like green.


You just made me gasp! Gorgeous work.


Yay, more pictures of your pouty lips!


I am so proud of you for starting Ravelraiser. What tipped me over the edge is knowing that Ravelry is going green too.


Yeah for Ravelry being green! I should've known there's a Ravelry group for cowls. Must join. Balsam looks awesome as does the bobbly cowl. Ireceived the Balsam pattern in the mail a couple weeks a go. When I showed it to a knitting friend, she said, "you're knitting yourself a whimple!" Whatever you call it, it's awesome.


Congrats on the success of ravelraiser. Love the cowls.

kelli ann

keep me posted; if you & your dad get some notecards out on the market i will definitely be buyin' some. gorgeous green neck gaiters!


$50 large? Wowzers, didja think you would be soooo successful? Thanks and congratulations, and kudos to Casey and Jess for their green donations. (btw, I'm a dues-paying member of the Green Party, so this is extra special for me.)

Second the affirmation of the lipstick -- I noticed and admire it, too.


Oh wow - love the Balsam! I hadn't seen that pattern, but it's super cute. =)


I love cowls too! I'm gonna go over and find your Ravelry group right now.


woman, you are a cowl-making machine! i love it. they are all stunning and look soooo cozy.

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