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What an awesome idea, Julie! I'd been thinking about donating, but this is the push I need to get it done. You rock!

frecklegirl jess



This is great! I just donated :) I have to say the Ravelry is the best and I am online everyday. I'm glad I'm giving some financial support to a program and group that means so much to me!


how wonderful!!1 I have to admit, the possiblity of Jared's handspun being in my hot little hands is what spurred me on here....but I have to say pretty much EVERYTHING shown is delicious and who could turn down the opportunity to win some of that yummyness?! :)


Great idea! Thanks for organizing this!

Nichole D.

I've been waiting to donate, for whatever reason. This was the motivation I needed! I totally love Ravelry, and those two deserve every penny.


Awesomeness! Had no idea something like this was in the works. Need any more prize donations?

I have gladly given my support, and always mean to do it more often. But I forget. This motivates me to remember to do it RIGHT NOW.


This is one of the best fundraisers I've seen in awhile - good cause, good prizes!

I've donated, and I'm dreaming about the Earthy Stash (or the Handspun Stash... no, wait, the Earthy...)

Thanks for pulling this together.


Thanks for the Ravelraiser! I love the idea! A great incentive to donate to Ravelry for the first time. I wanted to be part of Ravelraiser but I couldn't find the "comments" place to add the title to my donation :(
Can I be added to the drawing anyway?
Also where is the comment section? I'm planning to donate again when I get my paycheck!

Karen B.

It's been one year for me as well so I figured another anniversary gift was due. Let me know if there's still a need for yarn donations. Sorry, but I don't spin.


Dude, this is awesome. and those prizes look amazing! Can I link to this post over on my blog?

Great job getting this organized, Miss Frick. You rock! and so does Ravelry.


Fantastic Idea - I was thinking it was time for another donation anyway

Stephanie M

I want to thank you for all the effort you are putting into this! Its great to help motivate people to give to this wonderful site. I will definitely be donating. Its also helpful to have this little shove in the right direction! Those yarns look wonderfully tempting!!


What a great idea! After the joy of Malabrigo March, I am thrilled to donate to the ravelry cause to which I am fully addicted. Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants that I needed to get going. Gorgeous!

(psst, there's an extra $10 in it if I win a big prize ;)- Christine (Farmgroupie)


What a great idea! Those "dream stashes" do look like a dream!


This is so awesome! But isn't Ravelry a prize in itself? We're ALL winners! That being said, uh, I wouldn't turn my nose up to ANY of those dream stashes, or Jared's handspun (!!!) or a Hello Yarn mitten kit (!!!!!) Off to donate!


Wow. Great idea! Can't wait to see the totals. And your prizes ROCK. What a great thing to do.


Wow. Great idea! Can't wait to see the totals. And your prizes ROCK. What a great thing to do.


Awesome idea! Big yarny hug for all the work you have already put into this. Just one question: for those of us who don't spin and don't want to learn, can we opt out of any roving prizes? I completely understand not wanting to consider all sorts of prize requests, but for a lot of us not every kind of fiber is useful. *ducks*


Done and done. Great idea Julie!

Also, I'm insanely jealous that you can just call up Jess and Casey. So cool! =)


I love when people use "z" at the end of wordz that normally end with "s." It's totally corny in a totally awesome way.


this is a great idea and a wonderful effort. i'll donate, not so much for the fabulous prizes but because i have nothing to give. I HAVE NOTHING TO GIVE!!!!!


Goin' to donate now! Whoopie! Those are some fanfabutastic stashes!!!!!


Thanks for suggesting this. It's been a while since I donated, so it's cool to get a reminder now and then.


I'm heading over to donate b/c I love Ravelry so, so much...I donate every month, but why not do a bigger donation so less is taken out for fees, and so I get a chance at fabu prizes!?

Great idea--thanks for letting me participate!!

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