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What a wonderful idea - Ravelry is a site I go to every day - several times a day! I need to settle up a bit - and prizes don't hurt:) Thank you for doing this!

Miss Scarlett

Whoa! As if Ravelry isn't fabulous enough - look at the prizes for supporting them.

Those Dream Stashes are amazing.

What a fantastic thing you're doing - I am foreseeing a lot of data juggling in Jess & Casey's future!


The two bags of Malabrigo Silky Merino caught my attention alone! LOL


Having the donation button linked to Paypal has made donation so easy, I have been trying to remember to give $5 a month. Good for you for organizing this event, yet another great idea from La Frick !


I'm donating right now!! And I'll post about it tomorrow.

brenda in toronto

great idea, j! time to make another donation anyway, so off i go!

wenjomatic (from ravelry)

Super excited to help out! Thanks for all of your efforts getting this in motion!


As a professional fundraiser, and avid raveler, I applaud and support your efforts!


I just donated $20 through the Ravelraiser button but I didn't read the instructions about sending a "Message to Merchant" until just now. I'm such a dunderhead!


Great idea!! I'm going on Ravelry right now. Those yarns just look too good!


Great Idea! I did it!


Going to donate now!

Are you still looking for prizes? I own Made By Ewe and have some great stuff I could send you.


Just wanted to tell you that you are fabulous for doing this, and everyone involved is A1 in my book!


Great idea! I'm in....

Patty Bolgiano

I would like to donate a prize. It is Alice Starmore American Portraits. Is this possible?



Have donated and also aquired a button on Ravelry saying so, and posted there, but will post here. What a great idea!
Whoohoo! I *heart* Ravelry!


What a great idea! I'm about to go donate.


Ravelry got my 10$. Got to support people with great ideas.


Done! Great idea! Thank you! :)


I just made my first donation! I have stitch markers to donate, how do I do that?


This is a great idea. I donated. I just clicked on the Pay Pal button but neglected to write "RavelRaiser" in the comments---I typically do things without reading the instructions. I hope I still make it to the raffle ticket process.

Thank you so very much!


Great! I donated! Looking forward to the drawing at MDSW. The one at Rhinebeck was fun!


I've also been wanting to donate for a while, so thanks for giving me the kick in the tookus. I happened to have $20 in my paypal account from destashing some yarn, so I've sent it on over to Ravelry, my favorite place on the web.


I donated twice, but forgot to put Ravelraiser in the first one. :-(


This is a superfantastic idea. I'm heading over to make my donation now!

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