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happy mother's day to you! the boys look handsome as always. :)

Lynn in Tucson

I turned a cartwheel today! Off a balance beam, no less. But I fear it's only going to get harder and harder to impress my kid as she gets older....


Happy Mother's Day, Ms. Frick! Lovely photos!


Happy Mother's Day to you! Fabulous pictures. They make me smile. =)


What gorgeous new cards! You have such an eye! I hope you enjoyed Mother's Day with the Fricklets! (Fricklet, I just love that!)


Happy Mother's Day to you too! The cards are lovely, but not half as lovely as your babies :) You are truly blessed.


They are just beautiful and the fiber is quite nice too ;) Happy Mother's Day!


Love the Befibered Fricklet! *hands on hips* with all that fiber, why aren't you spinning and dyeing yet?!


happy mother's day julie!


Ditto everything you said : ) only up the kid tally to four.

Happy Mother's Day


You're a good'un, J.Frick.


Happy Mother's Day to you, too, sweetie ...


beautiful kids, cute cards. Must resist...

Peacock Chic

wow! I love the images especially the rubber ducky. So cute!


Happy Mother's Day Julie! (Albeit a little late.)

Um, I know I didn't give you all of that fiber. Just sayin'. Were there perhaps a few new aquisitions last weekend? All in the name of "the shop" I'm sure.

Love the photos!

Karen B.

What a terrific post! Love each and every photo. How'd you get your baby to do that "cute baby" thing anyway? You're the majick mom!

Mary Ellen

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!! The Biscuit and the Fricklet are just adorable. :)

brenda in toronto

beautiful post, J. Hope you had a fab Happy Mother's Day!

Laura Sue

I still have my mom and my kids and my mom-in-law. I know how lucky I am. Thanks, Julie.


Happy Mothers day to you too. Your babies have got so big.


You just have the most beautiful children. Period. End of story.


Great photos of your sons, and that sweater is adorable too. Isnt it great to be a mom.


oh my gosh - your kids are like the cutest ever!!!! Happy Mother's Day (a little late) :)


Hope you had a happy mother's day!


They are good Frick babies and you are a good Frick mama.


Those pictures of your kids are just too stinking cute! Happy mother's day!

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