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I'll be looking for those blond curls and that killer lip gloss!


Wish I could be there!


i'll keep my eye out for the biscuit! you're lucky you have a photogenic nose, mouth, and chin. if i took my pictures like that, i think it'd be a big mess. keep your eye out for meee, short asian girl! :)

Karen B.

Sadly, I will only know you as you are here today: an attractive woman sans forehead.

Enjoy MS&W and the Ravelry Raves! Oh, and thanks for reminding me I have that very yarn from the Knittery.


I'll be looking for those blonde curls!
See you Sat.


OH a tiny mustache might be worth flying out to that festival thing you east coasters are always talking about, even though my hands are hurting and I'm not knitting right now. Okay, I'd fly out to see you, and someday I shall.

Christy / Not Hip

Surprisingly, I actually have a whole head not just a neck and wisps of hair.
Happy 2!


nice post! i won't see you at mds&w, but soon, anyway!


Have a great time! I wish I could be there. Maybe next year!

Do you think the Biscuit would *wear* the moustache? That would be so great if he did! Mine would complain it itches... ;)


Have a blast! I keep wanting to make a trip back to Maryland, where my husband and I went to college. Now that I know there's a fiber festival, I may have to plan my timing accordingly when we finally have the funds for such a trip.


And yet, ANOTHER reason why I wish I could go to MS&W. I'd love to see your forehead ;)


Have a blast there! I think you'll be so pleasantly surprised by how many people will be overjoyed to finally meet you!


This Marylander is so bummed out to be missing it! Have a great time Julie...here's to a great two years! So glad we've "met".


The new notes are gorgeous! Well done! Have a great trip to the M S & W!


Well, I guess those of us who won't be there will just have to keep imagining your forehead! Maybe Biscuit could snap a shot for us.


Haha, I would love to see the mustache :)
Seriously, congrats, you've achieved SO MUCH in two years.

brenda in toronto

happy blogiversary! have a great time at the festival - wish i could be there :(

and "awkward and nervous and dorky"? i find that very hard to believe!



I guess I will have to just wait to see proof of your forehead. I do regret missing the opportunity to get your rockstar and my prepster together though. Now that would be one cute photo shoot. Happy 2 to you!


If it's cold enough to wear cowls, you might be recognizable. :)

Sounds like an eventful 2 years of blogging. I only recently started reading, but I enjoy your posts so much!

Oh, and the new set of pictures is great! I just love the wine pouring one (boyfriend is a big wine man, and I'm a knitter - it's like a photo fusion of the two of us!).


Delurking to say that I *love* that shot of the candy-colored pinwheel of roving! So gorgeous! Have a great time in MD!

Laura Sue

Yay! The Biscuit! Sorry to miss all of you. But have a great time.


Just wanted to say that all my friends and relatives are tired of hearing me say "The cowl is the new scarf", but I keep on chugging them out. Dolores park, Cherry Garcia, Luxe (2 of them so far) and next up is, of course the
Gloria! I will be all set for holiday gifts this year. Thanks for the inspiration and have fun this weekend!


Don't make me work for it too hard! If you see me, yell!


The Fricklet would totally rock a Snidely Whiplash moustache.


Ain't blogging grand?! I saw you at the Ravelry party but was too high on wool fumes and giddy from winning a prize (Unicorn wool wash) to say hello in person.

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