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Then we made our true love vow--wonder what she's doing noooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww?

(PS it should be noted that my juice had no beet. Pam made you drink the beet.)




i think what you need is a nikon.


Very lucky, indeed! Damn, that was a good post. I'm so mad you thought of "Philly Cheese" first! How appropriate. I've been giggling about Philly all week. No finger pointing on the snorer but hey, are you alright? Are you sure?

Lynn in Tucson

You have all the luck, Ms. Frick! You're making the rest of us jealous!


Awww...what a great visit! =)

pamela wynne



What a great visit...I'm so jealous! Get ready for a malabrigo meet when I am in the states this summer...we junkies rule!


Like ships that passed in the night at MDSW, I know that someday you and I will get to meet when it's right. Too many people there to do it right anyway. Only, I don't do beet juice. Will beer or wine work for you?


It sounds amazing! What a smart, talented and apparently fun group of knitters you had the joy of hanging out with!!
Your post makes me want to meet each and every one. (Although it would take a huge leap of faith for me to get past the awkwardness thing.)


What a great time you had - I'm positively pea green with envy! Will you, by chance, be going to Rhinebeck this year?


What a lovely post. Sounds like such a divine time.

(p.s. So nice to see your *whole* face in a picture!)


So close! I'm just 45 minutes south of Philly in Delaware :) Sounds like you had a great time with a fantastic group of knitters. Look me up next time you're in the area!




Oh, that sounds lovely! Glad you had such a fun time.


That's so awesome. I met a couple of bloggers in Montreal and Ottawa a few weeks back, and it was just as you describe. No awkwardness at all -- just like we've known each other forever.

I will admit to being a super-nerdy high schooler too. Although, I had a lot of angst and hated everyone. Maybe it's not such a good idea to give me pointy sticks . . .


Awesome! It was so much fun! And it was fantastic to finally meet you in person - even though I may have kept you up at night as I think I may have been the snoring roommate - oh noes!!! Hahahahah!!! Hope to see you again soon.

P.S. - I second Maryse's statement. I think you need a Nikon. Just sayin'. ;)

that girl

awesome photos. what a fun time!


So glad you all such a great time together, the pictures have been so fun to see. And I know a little something about the Canon envy--I just got one earlier this week and am over the moon! Just take a break from buying yarn for a week or two and you'll have the cash in no time:)


I won't pretend I'm not jealous, even though I've spent at least a week pretending not to be jealous. I think. It's all in my head... which brings to mind that old saying, "how am I to know what I'm thinking until I see what I say," or in this case, write.


Go for the Nikon. I have one, it's fabulous. My friend has the Canon and it is equally fabulous I think... ?

internet and 'meat space' friends are fab just the same. It's amazing how close you can get to people even though you never experience them in meat space. (reality) Glad you have a new host of friends...

Christy / Not Hip

Fun fun, and
Daphne, be reassured that Stella and I want to a plan a West Coast bloggie meetup.

Miss Scarlett

Wow. I am so jealous.
I have never regretted living on the West Coast until now...


Awwww. I am loving these aftermath blog posts. "You're awesome." "No, *you're* awesome AND pretty." "Well, you're awesome and pretty and knit beautiful things." Etc.

We are all going to have such healthy self-esteem if this keeps up.


Aww, I'm missing you and everyone like crazy today. You complete me Frick. That's all I'm saying.

And don't listen to those Nikon girls. You need a Canon + fiddy, stat!

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