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Sounds like a great time.


I'm in for that Malabrigo meet - I have to prove to everyone that I'm not as bossy IRL!


ever so envious of you girls... srsly :)

oh and while you might have canon envy I have nikon envy and I am going to be falling into it here soon. It really is one of the more rewarding capitulations to envy :)


Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky You!!


Yeah, it totally bums me out that we can't all just call each other up and get together for a beer on some random night, whenever we want. Luckily we can all do that separately and then see all the pics on flickr until next we meet.


Why isn't this Flickr? I'm pushing my "FAVORITE" button but it's just not working. I might print this out and hang it over my bed, along with some of our email chains, because they plaster biggest smile on my face EVER. xoxo


sigh. that's it, i'm moving across the pond.

brenda in toronto

wow - judging by the photos i saw about that weekend, and how comfortable you all seemed with each other, i assumed you all had met IRL already! that's a testament to a great bunch of dames, eh?


Just have to shamelessly say that I'm jealous of your get together! Looks fabulous and what great fun to have a group of ladies like that to meet up with!

BTW--unfortunately life seriously got in the way of commenting lately so I'll roll several in one...you and your Dad are an incredible team--those fiber photographs are stunning!


I am envious of blogger friend world and childless weekend. How awesome and what great Peeps!!


Supremely lucky...
and deserving. :-)


Seriously, I feel like I should have crawled there simply to trot out the Nikon goodness.

All I am saying is, I have a pie for you. And when you finally get it, it will be so seasonally appropriate.


I am so bummed to have missed you all in Philly by DAYS. Looks like you all had such a great time!

Mary Ellen

Philly, friends and bubbles....what more could you ask for? Kelly's right, we need to schedule mmmmmMalabrigo time with her this summer. I'm up for another road trip....

Oh, and I NEED a Canon too. I'll have to google a fiddy (don't know if I need that or not).... :)

xo ME


looks like a fantastical time!! definitely jealous too :-) Get you a cannon!

Karen B.

New skool fiddy wit image stabilization! Spendy but worth it.

My internet fantasy trip involves an IRL party tour / craft crawl from north to south and east to west. So many friends I need to meet fur reelz for a giggle and chat. Like you.

So happy that you got the chance to taste Philly.


Looks like you had a lot of fun. Isn't it great how mixing the web & knitting equals wonderful friends all across the country?


You just said it, sister! I totally know how it is... Sometimes I feel closer to strangers I connect with on here that APPRECIATE the craftiness, understand the fiber obsession, and just the plain need and desire to be creative! Have a good weekend!


Internet friends are so awesome. If we'd met in person first, I bet we wouldn't like each other-because that's just how girls are. But, on the internet everything is different.

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