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I've been fighting the urge to cowl, but you may have just won me over. :O


Can resist no longer. Just joined! If you have a moment, what is the buttoned blue/green cowl with the ruffled edge?? It's in the first horizontal row, 3rd one down. Couldn't find it in the flickr group and love it!


Argh! I would really love to cast on Caro's Philly Cowl (for the button shopping alone!), but I've got soooo many commitments! I neeeeed an indulgent knit right now! (Please read the entire comment to this point in a VERY whiny voice.)

Good luck with the grading! School must end soon?


How did you manage to enlist us in your evil plan? You are GOOD.


Aww, Pinky and the Brain. Love them. :)

The cowls look great as usual. I have a lovely skein of malabrigo that I am itching to make into one.


Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more than I already do (which is lotsandlotsandlots), you go and reference Pinky and the Brain. My heart has just exploded from all that love it could not contain. NARF! Here's to cowl domination! Good luck and happy grading.

P.S. - Manicure? Hahahah. Thank goodness Diana didn't zoom in any closer; she was the photog here, using my Nikon *hinthintNikoncoughyouneedonecough*


There is NO going back - cowls have taken over my life. [And being a cowlgirl is so damn cool!]


ooh more pretty cowls - i've only made one but you guys are definitely inspiring me to make more. what is the green one in the bottom right corner?


43 picture book biographies to grade and then 43 report cards and then .... summer!!! 16 days away and counting down for us ....


Wait ... do you have 43 kids in the same class???

Aunt Kathy

I love the looks of cowls, but can't bear anything around my neck, it's just not right. LOL


Hell's bells. I wanted a cowl. I wanted a cowl already. But now I NEED a cowl. I may even cast on for one tonight, and that is just not right because Spring has already forced me to cast on far too many projects.

Beautiful work!


Here a cowl, there a cowl, everywhere a cowl cowl. Old MacDonald...oops!

Hope those 43 goes quickly so you can be back onto the cowls!


don't tell anyone, but i started a cowl the other day...

and now i also need a beech wood one, and philly one. sigh. they are so beautiful.

happy grading! summer is near!


I absolutely love your Beech Wood Cowls! I love the first one so much that I'm having a really hard time resisting picking up a skein of that yarn to make an identical one for myself :(


What's a mowl??


hey a shot with your eyes in it! that's my favorite picture in the post :) i love the purple cowl!


Off to cast on a mowl for nuttnhubby. Damn! I wanted that Sterling fingering for myself and now I MUST make it for him. :-)


A cowl might just be what I need to get out of my knitting rut. I'm casting on a Philly tonight! Thanks.


A cowl might just be what I need to get out of my knitting rut. I'm casting on a Philly tonight! Thanks.


Dammit! I'm knee deep in baby sweaters. Must resist urge to knit another cowl. Stop it.


I just queued Beech Wood. Yours are beautiful!


My thoughts on cowls six months ago: Pffff! Are you kidding? They look stupid.

My thoughts on cowls now: Must. Knit. Many. All of them. ALL OF THEM. I MUST OWN THOSE COWLS!!!!!

Cowls are the new clapotis. I am powerless in the force of their awesomeness...


I have a cowl! I wanted to name it "Simon" but "Vegas Sands" won-out. PLEASE please oh pretty please go check it out on my bloggy when you have time? :D

K2togkate of the Malabrigo Junkies :)

pamela wynne


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