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It's amazing how the Internet and blogging communities can bring people together. Especially as newspapers and magazines and mass media goes on and on about how the Internet is a dangerous place and never let your children alone on the computer... So many people talk about the "dangers" of the Internet, when there are so many good things about it. I can't wait to read your post about how it taught you generosity as well. =)


Amen!!! The women that I'd like my daughters to choose for roll models are all over this blogging community. I am glad they are a part of my blog so that they know about and learn from all of you.

Your Shetland Triangle is a beauty. I'd forgotten how much I love that pattern.

Lauren Hawley

What an inspiring post. Hi, Julie. Thanks for your comment about my teacher gifts. I hope they liked them as much as you do! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. Your knits are gorgeous as are your photographs.



Karen B.

Oh, you make me remember some of the fun things from before I cared so much about what other people think! I'm still a work in progress but you (and other human beings like you) give me hope.

Thanks. And I want to be the girl on the bike, too.

Miss Scarlett

Gorgeous haul from your Farmer's Market! I stopped by ours and stocked up on veggies - I really will have to photograph them next time. I've just started Ms.Kingsolver's book and am squirming so...more changes to come.

Thanks for all the great 365 links - I've been toying with that idea for awhile.

I hadn't really considered it before but you are right - there is a movement to reclaim beauty. Here's to us all!


I love this post. I love these thoughts. I do agree with you, I feel the same way. And it feels so good!


Thank you, I needed to hear that this morning. What a great, true post!


Oh, and I forgot to say that your shetland triangle is so incredibly gorgeous, and it definitely belongs on your beautiful friend's shoulders.


yeah, who needs a runway when the real fashion show is going on ALL the time on Flickr and Ravelry?


Word sister. Thanks for writing this. YOU are beautiful!!


Beautiful post. And I'm so happy that you are learning to quilt! Another one joins the ranks!


Reading this post was such a great way to start the week! So inspirational and no truer words! Thanks Julie


Reading this post was such a great way to start the week! So inspirational and no truer words! Thanks Julie


What a great post - so thought provoking, memory inspiring. Thank you! Your shetland triagle is beautiful - you selected the perfect impromptu receipient.


So much to respond to, Julie...as a mother of a girl who just left seventh grade, I so relate to your message. And the Ashley is SO my next hair cut!:)


you always say it the best, julia! take that tyra ;-) oh and i love the shetland triangle!


omg you link to my crazy eyes!? i love the shawl, Julie--it's gorgeous. It is so nice to be part of this "movement" with you!


Here, here!


goddamit woman, you went and made me sniffle. I gotta go pull a twig out of my pigtail now.


Amazing thoughts said with such style! And it's very exciting to me to watch these 'movements' that are happening throughout blogland...food/gas/consumerism. It's so encouraging that more people are understanding how important this is! BK would be proud!


Thank you. This was wonderful.


What a great, thought-filled post! I agree with you 100%. Now excuse me while I go download a Sheena Easton song.


Was it "My Baby Takes The Morning Train" or "For Your Eyes Only"?

Really Julie, I loved this post. Loved. So eloquent and very profound. Thank you.

brenda in toronto

Another beautiful post, J. This one had me experiencing a whole roller coaster of emotions. I was actually tearing up, thinking of my pre-adolescent angst, feeling melancholy, then sharp fast turn to pleasant shock to see you had linked to me! I clicked on the link and for a moment was all confused when I saw my own photo there.

Your writing always gives me so much to think about. If we ever meet in person, I'm gonna hug you so hard :)

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